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DVD방 for the first time

Seoul, 2016 August 5th,

First Friday of August, I spent time with three of my SNU friends. I will tell about them later ^^ They are very concern of me, so I feel grateful to know them. In the middle of our busy graduate school life, we managed to hang out today. They knew that I couldn’t eat food other than Halal Food, so we went to India Halal Food Restaurant near SNU Subway Station (서울대입구역), Otsal Restaurant. I want to take more photos and detail of the food and what we order but we were too hungry for it haha but overall, this restaurant was nice, delicious, even though quite expensive, but worth enough to spend your money at 😀 Next time, when I visit this place again, I’ll make a proper review of the food.

I thought We only chat and eat, then go home. But they suggested something wow haha “how if we watch cinema after this?”

I was just freezing  hahahhaa because honestly I was tired at that day, and wanna sleep afterward. But,, well, okay,, not a really bad idea though. So, we planned to watch Bourne, but the only left was midnight time, and the other movies were not interesting. So, one of my friend suggested to go to DVD Bang instead.

I’ve never gone there, so I became more curious and excited. But, another problem arouse. What movie should we watched? hahaha All of my friends are hate horror or thriller movies, but I like those. So, I just came up with “The wailing” (곡성) movie haha It is thriller movie and very scary, but receive a lot of achievements, so I became more more curious. At first nobody wants to watch it, but because they also could not suggest something good, moreover nobody watch this movie also, then we decided to throw away the fear and ended up watch it.

I don’t remember exactly how much we paid, but DVD bang counts it per 2 persons, and add additional charges per person. So, I paid around 7000 won each. I remember our room is Room No 11. When I went inside the room,,, woaaaw! a big sofa, looks comfortable, and a big simple home theater there. It was a very comfortable place to watch. You can move freely, and yeah very convenient.

I love to try something new, and my friends let me experience it. I was grateful. Experience watch movie other than cinema. Experience of watching movie with Korean friends, who are very funny haha My friends were so funny, they commented at almost every scene, that makes me laughing instead of screaming hahaha but it was nice.. really 😀

So, we finished around 11 o’clock at night, and I went home and no energy left T.T

What a good Friday it was ^^


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