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Course is important than anything

It began from the moment I received a forwarding email from my senior about Industry 4.0 Conference. This conference was held on Wednesday, November 2nd. The conference started on 10 AM – 6 PM. The problem is I have to decide whether attending classes or conference. I have two classes that are taught by my professor from 12.30pm till 5pm.

So I decided to go to conference in the morning to listen the keynote speech, then back to school to attend the class. The problem is, the conference is getting interest. It was talking about Smart Industry, Smart City and Smart Home, and other Intelligence stuffs. After taking a glamorous Japanese style lunch, without thinking too much, I sent message to teaching assistant that I will skip the class. This is the stupid me because I didn’t email my professor directly.

Anyway, I ended up skipping both classes. I went back to laboratory, and I felt weird. The laboratory lamp was on but nobody inside, and the door was locked also. I just found out that We had lab seminar on that day hahaha I just remember one day after that from my friend. So stupid I was hahaha I got to know that My professor was asking where I was in the seminar.  My friend was kind enough to deliver message to me from professor. Professor said that if I have course, do not ever skip it for conference.

Okay, I started to get confused. Why? I thought the conference also important. So, after discussing with my other foreigner friends, I decided to sent email to professor and apologized. Well, I received his reply, and He repeated what he said in lab seminar. So, as a student, in the semester the important matter is course.

Since that day, I was just attending classes as usual.

Seoul National University

Seoul, 2016.11.02

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