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They call it smart portable fan

Have you ever imagined how hot Korean Summer is? Probably compare to Arab countries, Korea is less hot, but compare to my tropical Indonesia country which has average temperature 27 – 34 Celcius degree everyday, Korea is very hot T.T

Starting today, after a long Rainy Season, the temperature is getting higher and more humid. Even in the night also. You cannot feel the cool wind anymore, even the wind is hot. If you read newest news, many people got sick because of this heat.

The temperature is around 34-36 but the real feel is above 39 degree! Not only heat, but the humidity also high. And how they survive this heat? Most Koreans do not like heat so much. For me, I am okay, I can bear this heat haha

Some of them use UV protection Umbrella, some of them bring paper fan everywhere they go. And something that is amazed me was how Korean innovates something because of needs hahaha Well, in my opinion, bringing umbrella only protects you from sunlight, but you can still feel the humidity. So, some of them bring fans to give some wind for cooling their body. But, keeping fanning will make your hands tired. Then,,, here we goes.. whenever you walk the street, you will find many street vendors sell this amazing “smart fan” hahaha They sell various shape and size and also type.

haha I managed to get one for myself. You just plug it into charger slot of your phone. Very creative idea hahaha I have never seen this kind of thing in my country. 😀

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