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Part Time Student: Prolog

자카르타, 2014년 8월 25일
Jakarta, 2014, August 25th…

That day when I met my KGSP student fellows from Indonesia at the airport. It was Monday, our departure day. Around 8 PM, we saw each other at the check in counter and asked each other time. That moment when I felt like a teenager again 🙂 Bringing back memories… Yeah, here I am, A university student…

I was so happy when I saw the result announcement from NIIED. That my dream of studying overseas finally became truth. And I felt young again, because I will gonna study again, with books and a lot of lecture’s assignment haha
But, since I was outside my home country, It is better to travelling a lot and exploring the Korean Culture. So~ the student title is just a part time job here, my real job is traveller hahaha

Part Time Student, Full Time Traveller

Pretty good but it is not hahahaha Yeah, living in Korea, especially studying is a bit hard. If you do not study well, you will fall haha But yeah, don’t make that thing as an excuse. You still able to live happily here 😀

If you wanna know why and how I am here, please read my main blog here.
Back to story when I was arrived at Korea.

So, we all were going with Korean Air, direct flight to Incheon. And would be arrived around 7AM. Just additional information, with Korean Air, you can get a lot of additional services for free and easy. For example, since I am Muslim, I need to make sure that what I eat is Halal. Yeah, This airplane is international brand, so we can request them a Halal Food from them, or even Vegetarian Food. I got Fish Curry, and it was delicious. hehe

From Incheon, we would go to each different language institute spreading around the country. For example, I went to Daegu, because I got Keimyung University as my language institute. There are 2 people from Indonesia who will study language there. But there are 2 universities in Daegu that hold the program, Keimyung and Yeungnam University. In Yeungnam, there are 3 students. So, in total, there are 5 students who will stay at Daegu for the Language Program.

When I arrived Incheon, I went to Keimyung University base in the exit door directly. Yeah, Indonesia was the last country to arrived at the current batch. There were a lot of student arrived before us. We went to Daegu  by bus, it was around 35,000 won if I am not mistaken. and stop at Dong Daegu Station. After that, the Keimyung bus picked us and brought us to the dormitory. My comment for the bus is… WOW… they have WIFI in it. and also big television, which is bigger than mine hahahaha amazing
It also neat, clean, and comfortable. 5 hours of bus trip felt not that long. Korea is good with their modern lifestyle and technology. Thats why I like Korea. 🙂

It was already August 26th around 2PM when we arrived at dormitory.
I met my Korean Buddy for the first time too.
This is just beginning, something interesting happened next hehehe

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