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Jeju Island – Day 1

I had my trip from July 16 to July 21. It ways 6 days 5 nights trip, but the last day was the return flight only without any destination. I will divide the story into five parts. Here is my first. 🙂

Departure: Gimpo -> Jeju Airport

I took Air Seoul flight at 7:30 AM from Gimpo airport and arrive at Jeju airport around 9 AM. I packed my stuff in cabin luggage, but I sent the bag to airplane baggage because it is more convenience. The luggage belt in South Korea is fast and reliable.


I head to have brunch in Jeju City. I took public bus and took brunch at Manse Kuksu (만세국수). After landing, I was only craving for food with soup. So I ate Korean noodle. It was delicious and so refreshing.

멸치 칼국수

After finished eating, I joined the other friends, I was traveling with other 4 people. We went to rental car place. Taking public transportation is possible in Jeju, but it took a very very long time. You probably only can cover 2-3 place a day, but it different with rental car. You can go anywhere, anytime comfortably. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your baggage 🙂


Hamdeok Beach

Our first destination was Hamdeok Beach. The beach is specifically good for playing. If you bring kids, and want to play at the beach, this beach is perfect. The minus was too many people there. Since I don’t like playing with water, I, with 2 of my friends heading to Manjanggul Cave.

Manjanggul Cave

This is the most famous cave in Jeju. You should visit this cave at least once 🙂 It was different than other cave I visit in South Korea. This cave is naturally built, and the local government just conserve the cave as it is without adding unnecessary attraction inside.

Just a tips, bring some flashlight with you, because it is quiet dark inside. Regarding which season you visit, it is cold inside. It was 13 degree in Summer. I’d never had interest in cave but I learned a lot of things by entering the cave. I was grateful and amazed by this god’s creation.

The entrance ticket was KRW 4.000. You can walk 1 km long. It spent around 45 minutes to explore the cave.

Sangumburi Crater

Even though I don’t recommend to visit in Summer, but it was still wonderful place to spend the day. The main spot of this place was the crater and the flame grass field. The grass field is more beautiful in Autumn I guess.


Since we still have time left before sunset, yeah since its summer, we decided to visit Seopjikoji.


Finally! We have proper dinner at least. I was craving for 갈치조림, but it is expensive in Jeju. The fish is originally from Jeju. So it is still fresh. Since we had a late dinner, most restaurant was closed. The restaurant we visited also almost closed actually. The food was good, and the scenery was beautiful. Choose the outdoor seat and you got Seongsan Peak as scenery.



Due to some miscommunication, we need to book another hotel. It was 9PM already, and all exhausted. Thanks god we found this place. Overall, it was clean. What I like is the television haha They installed smart tv, so you can stream youtube from the TV 🙂


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