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Spice Village – Muslim Friendly Restaurant

South Korea is not a Muslim country. It is very difficult for Muslim to live here because of the insufficiency of Halal food. However, Statistic tells that the number of Muslim visitor is keep increasing from 2016. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) tries to attract more Muslim visitors by promoting more Halal Restaurant in the country.

KTO classified the Muslim Friendly Restaurant into four categories, as follows:

By 2021, there are hundreds restaurant selected by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). and I had a chance to visit one of the restaurants. In this opportunity, I write about Indian Food Restaurant in Pyeongtaek, named Spice Village.

Chicken Dishes

Basically the menu is like another India restaurant. Since I was still full, and not feeling hungry, this time I only ordered Tandoori chicken, without rice. Thinking this as coffee break time. I am used to order normal tandoori chicken in India restaurant, but this time I want something different. Actually they have a lot of other tastes of tandoori. I tried Chicken Tikka and Afghani Chicken. Chicken tikka is boneless chicken marinated with garlic, yogurt and spicy tikka masala. Afghani chicken is chicken menu marinated with cashew nut paste almond and yogurt cooked in charcoal oven. The price for Chicken Tikka is KRW 15.000 and Afghani Chicken is KRW 17.000 (full) and KRW 10.000 (half).

Chicken Tikka
Afghani Chicken

The Beverage

If you visit India restaurant, don’t forget to taste their authentic milk tea, Masala Tea. Such a nice timing, I came on the coffee break time. So, I order Hot Masala Tea. It was delicious, not too sweet, and creamy. I can’t make something like this on my own 😀

Masala Tea
The menu

The Ambience

The exterior is ordinary, but inside is luxurious. The tables are arranged in classy manner. They use a quite different utensils than other Indian restaurant. It looks expensive. The owner was kind. Last time, I arrived at Ashar time. I asked him about praying space. They don’t have praying room, but they have some small space to pray. He also lend me a Sajadah to use.

The tables
The exterior
The interior
Praying space

How to get there

경기 평택시 쇼핑로 17-1, 2층
Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongtaek-si, Shoppingro 17-1, 2F

Take subway line 1, get off at Songtan Station. Go to exit 4, and walk around 800m to reach the restaurant. The location is near US’s Osan Air Base. You will see a lot of foreigners with uniform 😀 The area has similar vibe like Itaewon. If you visit Pyeongtaek, I think you should visit this area as well.

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