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I’ve been living for 27 Years in The Earth

Seoul, 2017 May 06

May 6th is the day when I reset my age every year. I am thankful that I am still alive till now. Even though nothing special, but I always thankful for what God gave me, for everyone that always in my side. 27 years is not a small number. I only have 3 more years before reaching 30s 😀 While spending these last 3 years away from my country, living alone, I’ve been learning many things about live. I am trying to grow up and forget that I am not a child anymore. Difficult.. Yes..

This year, might be my last year of my journey in South Korea. I am still hoping I can stay more though haha However, I tried to think that this is the last. So I don’t want to miss the chance to meet my close friends. Thanks God, it was Saturday. So All of us can gather together again, YES, full squad! Well, one person was not coming because She cut her contact with us suddenly. Anyway~

Three persons: Mikaela, Richard and Me, have birthday close to each other, so we decided to celebrate together to optimize everything haha As usual, Nora is the Chef, Ena is in charge of dessert, Mikaela and Me are preparing the ingredients. Our agenda is always same, Eat – Play Games – Watching Movies – Taking Pictures. But, the essence is not what you do, but with whom you do haha Because this semester is our last semester as Master student, so everybody is busy with their thesis and stuffs. But they still give time to gather. It was amazing haha

I bought Halal Chicken from Itaewon special for the day only haha Honestly I hate to go to Itaewon because it is so damn far! The subway line is not friendly also. But since I want Nora to cook for all of us, I went there haha Usually, Nora always prepare different dishes for me, or something that I can eat, like vegetables, noodles or seafood. But, there are some friends who cannot eat seafood haha Anyway, it was a delicious food. Nora also made a special “pan” cake for us :p I put “3” candle to represent there are 3 people who celebrate the birthday, and also 3rd time we celebrate it together, and also special number for Richard for the first person who reach 30s haha And Ena bought us ice cream cone, and she made a flower bouquet from that ice cream haha hilarious


May is important month. First week is full of holiday, second week is my first open seminar to present my thesis work, third week is working as supporter in one of conference in Seoul, and I have only 2 weeks to complete my full paper before the final judgement 🙁 Time goes very fast without I am knowing. Pressure come from everywhere, but my mental needs to be healthy. The motivation is hard to find, even just to make one slide of presentation was hard!

Once again, I was thankful that I can still have a good time with friends 🙂

Let’s do our best till the end. Every problem always has way out. Whenever we have hard time, always remember that other people is also struggling with live. SO, DON’T GIVE UP! You don’t know what is waiting you at the end.

Happy 27th, Ninan!

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