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Dongmyunghang Grilled Fish Sokcho – Muslim Friendly Restaurant

South Korea is not a Muslim country. It is very difficult for Muslim to live here because of the insufficiency of Halal food. However, Statistic tells that the number of Muslim visitor is keep increasing from 2016. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) tries to attract more Muslim visitors by promoting more Halal Restaurant in the country.

KTO classified the Muslim Friendly Restaurant into four categories, as follows:

By 2019, there are 148 restaurants listed officially by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). I had a chance to visit one of the restaurants. Dongmyunghang Grilled Fish Restaurant is located at Sokcho Gangwondo. Sokcho is famous with its nature, such as seaside, mountain, harbour, etc. Because of its location, if you visit Sokcho, you must eat the seafood culinary and taste its freshness. They took the seafood directly from the sea near the town.

Halal Menu

This restaurant is Korean restaurant in general. There will be no Halal certificate registered. However, every seafood is Halal to eat. Including this one 🙂 This restaurant is categorized as Muslim-Friendly Restaurant by KTO. They only sell seafood, but you might find some alcohol sold also.

Fish set: 가자미, 삼치, 고등어, 청어, 영갈이, 메로, 임연수어

They grill almost 7 (seven) different kinds of fishes. They have Kajami – Flat fish, the biggest one on the left. Samchi – Japanese Spanish Mackerel beside the Kajami on counter clockwise direction. Godengo – Mackerel, Cheongo – Herring Fish. Mero – Patagonian Toothfish, the owner said that this fish is very expensive and hard to find. It tasted good but not my style hehe It seems too fatty. The last one is Imyeonsu – Atka mackerel. By the way, you must order the menu for at least 2 portion at minimum. Yeah, you cannot come along unless you can finish 2 portion alone. Which is I did 😀 I finished 4 of them and had the rest wrapped for dinner 😀

This set menu comes with Soybean Paste Stew and Stone Pot Rice and also some side dishes. You will be given fresh shrimps also. The rice was very delicious. It was steamed together with other grains, some nuts and pumpkin.

The price for set menu is KRW 18.000/person. Since I ordered 2 portion alone, I asked them to give only 1 stone pot rice. And they discounted the price KRW 3000 😀

Restaurant Ambience

It was clean and wide. They have two type of chairs: the table with chair and the table without chair. The location of the restaurant is in the front of big apartment. You can find it easily.

How to go

강원 속초시 번영로129번길 21
Gangwon Sokcho Bunyung-ro 129gil 21

Public Transport:
From Seoul, I took Express Bus to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal. It nearer if you took the Intercity Bus though, but it is okay. After take off from Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, take taxi for 10 minutes distance. Last time I took city bus 7-1 or 9-1 and get off in front off Korean Electricity Company. Walk straight around 10-15 minutes to find the restaurant.
If you take Intercity bus, you can walk around 15-20 minutes from the terminal.

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This restaurant above has been nominated as a Muslim Friendly Restaurant by Korea Tourism Organization and the post is written by its support.

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