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Summer has gone~

My second summer in Korea has ended!

My favorite season has come~

Recently, the weather is veryyyy nice. I can feel the chilly wind again. After the humid, come the windy. In the afternoon, I can still feel the sunshine but not as hot as last week because of the wind. And in the night, It starts to feel cold. I need to bring jacket next time. I am still used to summer fashion haha only long pants and shirt.

Not only the weather, another thing that caught my eyes and I like that hahaha What is that? Finally, most of the people start to wear clothes! hahaha As you know about Summer fashion here, both male and female loves to wear short pants and thin clothes. Some of them show their body also. Yeah, a bit bothering, not good for my eyes haha Moreover, It was quite impolite. I have seen some students were wearing short pants and present in front of class and professor. What kind of manner is that? I felt the culture shock again hahaha In my country, to keep the politeness, wearing something proper in front of elderly is a must.

Anyway, nowadays they start to wear clothes that cover their body 😀 Welcome Autumn fashion~

About summer, I will miss it a lot. I have to prepare the coldness again 🙁 I hate cold. Because my skin is very sensitive to cold weather. From the last scar, I was recovering during the summer but not fully recovered because I did some mistake and make it my skin worse. I have to prepare a lot this autumn and winter.

Once again, Summer has gone~

and My summer holiday also has gone~ Tomorrow is the first day of Fall Semester..

Seoul, 2016 August 31st


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