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Momoyama Sushi – Muslim Friendly Restaurant

South Korea is not a Muslim country. It is very difficult for Muslim to live here because of the insufficiency of Halal food. However, Statistic tells that the number of Muslim visitor is keep increasing from 2016. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) tries to attract more Muslim visitors by promoting more Halal Restaurant in the country.

KTO classified the Muslim Friendly Restaurant into four categories, as follows:

By 2019, there are 148 restaurants listed officially by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). I had a chance to visit one of the restaurants. Momoyama Sushi is located inside Lotte Hotel Seoul.

Momoyama Restaurant has received award from Michelin Guide recently!!! No wonder that the service is not a joke! Really! You will get full service. They will treat you like a king 😀

Restaurant Ambiance

Don’t be surprised, this restaurant is not a cheap restaurant. When you enter the Lotte Hotel, you can feel the difference level already. 😀
Take elevator directly to 38th floor. Yeah, you may enjoy the sky view from here! Unfortunately when I visited, there was raining, so I couldn’t enjoy the view. 🙁

Halal Menu

This restaurant is categorized as Muslim Friendly Restaurant by KTO. When you enter the restaurant, they will ask you which restaurant to visit. They divided the restaurant into two: the sushi bar and the general restaurant. In general restaurant you may find more menu. However, the one that is categorized by KTO is the sushi bar. So I went to the sushi bar directly. Yeah, they only have seafood for their sushi. And please be mind that this is restaurant inside hotel and received michelin guide. So bear with the price 🙂

Above price is for one sushi 😀 One plate one small roll sushi. And for the sushi roll, they give two sushi. Luckily the chef notices that we are foreigner and speak Korean well, so He gave us more rolls~~~

I recommended to taste Negitoro Roll. It is the most expensive and delicious part of Tuna. So try it 😉
After we finish with sushi, they gave us free dessert. The dessert has quality too T.T
I was so touched with its sweetness of the fruit and the taste of the ice cream.

How to go

서울 중구 을지로 30
Lotte Hotel Seoul 38th Floor – Seoul Junggu Eujiro 30

Public Transport:
Take Subway Line 2. Get off at Euljiro Ibgu Station. Go out from Exit 8. Walk straight heading to Lotte Hotel Seoul.

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This restaurant above has been nominated as a Muslim Friendly Restaurant by Korea Tourism Organization and the post is written by its support.

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