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Language Institute Graduation Day

I started my Korean Language Course on 2014 September 1st, from Level 1. Learning Korean Alphabet, Grammar, Conversation, and then Afternoon class, Winter class, and so many other frustrated things. Starting from Level 1 was the hardest, and the busiest level ever compare to other level. We couldn’t have a vacation in Winter also T.T It was because of TOPIK stuffs. They wanted us to pass level 3 in TOPIK at least, and they forced us to study in robotic ways.

Anyway, I have finished all the process and graduated. 🙂 Despite all of those hard time, I was successfully going through all the hardship. I was happy and sad at the same time. The time I graduate, I was happy because I could continue to Master study and no need to learn Korean anymore. And I was sad because I had to leave Daegu and all of those good memories I had there.

When I thought about those times, I was grateful that I studied language hard at that time. It was very useful until now. Korean language is your gate to the community. Without this, you would feel many discrimination in the community.

Thanks to every 선생님 who taught me very well. They taught me so patiently. We as student had a hard time, but don’t forget that the teachers also had. Until Level 5, I was taught by 6 teachers total. And many different friends in each level. adapting with new friends and new teachers was hard. But as time goes by, everyone get closed each other. Probably I would share about them later 🙂

Well, happy graduation Ninan!



Daegu – 2015.08.11

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