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Meet my Korean Buddy

Something interesting about KGSP scholars. You will get one dedicated Korean buddy for you. The Korean Buddy is a student who is enrolled in one of your language institute and his/her job is accompanying you and introducing you about Korea, especially the city where you live currently, in my case, it’s Daegu.

My Korean Buddy is a girl in her 2nd year of Bachelor Degree at Keimyung University. Yeah, still young haha 4 years younger than me. She studies International Trade. Before came to Korea, She already contacted me via email and KakaoTalk. We spent some time to know each other, not much, just basic information. From that simple conversation, I thought that she is shy, calm, quiet and do not like to share much about herself haha But she seemed very excited about this program and meet foreign students.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
2014년 8월 26일 화요일

First time I really met and saw her in person… at the bus hahaha
Before I came to Korea, she sent me a picture of her, looked young, a bit short, chubby yeah like a young girl in common. But I think she sent me the old picture! Becauuseeee in fact, She is tall, looks a bit mature and slim -_- I couldn’t recognise her at the first time we met. She was the one who greeted me first because I am easily recognised than the others hahaha

Actually I was a bit speechless because of it haha Once I got my mind back, I tried to speak to her as usual, but I didn’t have a chance, since we were at the bus, heading to my dormitory.

My first impression about her when we met at that day was she is shy and do not talk to much. It is been almost 2 months since our first meeting, and my impression is not changing haha Yeah, but she is kind, just don’t talk too much. She is not type who like sharing unless you asked her. If you do not have any question, She won’t touch you either haha this became my first challenge towards her. I want to make this buddy program not just a program, but also making a good friend whom you can rely on. But, it is very hard haha

Almost 2 months, we only met around 5 times and only in short time. I asked her for some help, like showed me place to buy basic necessity, and good place to eat, since I cannot eat any food here, especially meat. Then, when I had first Keimyung orientation, when I need her help to find me some prepaid phone number and the last one is when I asked her help to find another phone shop to recharge my phone. See, she only wanted to meet whenever I need something urgent hahaha

She is busy? yeah, but not only her, everybody is busy. It is about how good are you in managing your time. I don’t want to complain much about it haha Before I came to Korea, we had a lot of plan to do, a fun activity, something like that. But it ends as plan only, never do any of their plan. Even if I proposed something, the buddy always hang the plan without giving confirmation back.

Other than one-on-one Korean buddy, we also has like a buddy group, consists of 3 KGSP students and 3 Korean Buddy. But we never going out together as group because the buddies are busy with their own life. But, it doesn’t matter for me and my other friends since we already able to live independently now hehe. Yeah, it’s been 2 months, and we are getting used to Korean Life. Even if I have a problem, it is better to ask another Korean friend who is living in the dorm or my Korean teacher.

For me, honestly I like my buddy, She is kind. whatever you ask her, She will answer hahaha She only need to improve the way She reacts. Her english is good, yeah, She has ever lived in Canada before. She is just too calm and a bit expressionless haha I cannot throw any jokes towards her haha a bit frustrating xD She is very serious, take everything seriously. We never have a long talk each other. It is really hard to meet her and talk to her. You must have a lot of topic to ask, otherwise nothing to talk haha My challenges.

She only will help me until December if I’m not mistaken. After that, the program will end. I hope for the rest month, we can meet again and have a proper conversation. I even haven’t taken any picture with her 🙁

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