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Cherish-able Cherry Blossom

First and Last Spring to spend time with them in Language Institute. The best friendship ever during my study-abroad-life. Until now, we are still contacting each other. Despite of different nationality, but we have shared many things together.

Mikaela, Indonesian, of course we are closed since we are from the same country and also my former room mate haha My friend who has similar hobby and preference in many things, such as movie, traveling hobby, etc. She is very smart, diligent, and love to read. She is younger than me but she looks more mature than me haha She is studying in Korea University now.

Ena, Philippine, Her english is very good for South Asian level. She is pharmacist and get married soon. She studied at Dongguk University Ilsan (if im not mistaken). She loves shopping. Her closed friend is Mikaela. They were used to spend time together back then and until we moved to Seoul. She has a tough laboratory life but we all envy her because she can back to her hometown very often.

Chan, Cambodian, She is studying at KDI in Sejong City. She is very hardworking student. I often found her studying in Reading Room Keimyung University. She has a very good personality. Her room mate was Dorji back then. They were closed. She is the most considerate friend ever. She is very open mind and if you know her, probably you might get closed easily with her.

Dorji, Bhutan, mysterious girl. Always shutdown her phone because she want to save the data balance. She is studying at Gongju University majoring animation. She is very good in drawing. I envy her because of her ability to draw T.T She is very calm and has good manner. I heard She comes from royal family hahaha Look at her dining manner. Very elegant haha I often talk to her because we have the same interest in animation and figures.

Feihong, Chinese, She is still young and innocent. Sometimes she is very sensitive if we are talking about her country. She loves shopping so much, especially clothes and shoes. She loves eating also. She is studying at Suwon, and I forget which university T.T is it Ajou university? haha sorry Hong… well, she is so good in Korean language also, She almost got level 6 I guest, or already? haha but she doesn’t put much effort to get high score, because she is naturally smart. She is also good in game and very competitive.

Nora, Myanmar, She is the younger but the most mature (probably). She doesn’t look the youngest in the group haha She has a lot of friends, both Korean and foreigner. She is very ongoing. She also has a good vision about her future and everything. She can be weird also sometimes. I think I spend time more with her than others, because we also involved in one activity for several months. She is very good at cooking! She is our chef! You should have tried her cooking. She is studying Management in Hanyang University at Ansan.

Richard, Netherlands, He is the only male in the group. He is unique. He loves Asian culture so much. Actually whenever I met western people, I feel scared because my English was not that good. But He is different. His personality can be so annoying sometimes but He is also a good big brother 🙂 We have similar interest in figures, game and animation so that we shared many things also. He is studying in Hankuk University Foreign Studies. He was used to apply for Law school, but he gave up because of Korean language. He thought that it was impossible to study law in Korean language. well I have to agree haha He has the biggest house among us, so we used to gather at his house. While doing his master, he also doing some part time job.


As time goes by, our friendship also still counting…


Spring, Keimyung University

Daegu, 2015.04.04

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