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Korean Wedding Culture

Today was the first time I attended Korean Wedding after 2 years living in Korea. It was my senior’s wedding. Actually, even when I was still living in Indonesia, I rarely went to wedding ceremony because the preparation was complicated and too much to concern. However, in Korea, is the opposite. It was very simple. It took around 1 hour only haha no more than 2 hours.


In my country, we need to bring gift for the couple or money, but its not mandatory and open. But in here, when you arrive at the guest desk, you took the envelope and put money inside first. Then go to desk to give the envelope and write your name in the guest book. When I arrived, I saw two desks, one for the bride and one for the groom. I put my envelope to the one whom I know, so the groom. My friend said that giving money is the culture. At least 30.000 won, because this money is like your fee for the lunch. You can give whatever you want, depends on how closed you are with the bride or groom. For closer one, usually 100.000 won.

Main Event

I came a bit late today, but I saw my professor was giving speech on behalf of everyone to the groom. After that, the groom’s friend sang for the couple and last the groom sang his bride’s favourite song. After that just a small commemoration photos for the groom, western style haha so simple right~

Now, the important event for guest, FOOD~… the waitress brought out the dishes one by one, start from appetizer to dessert. Meanwhile, the couple’s family were taking group photos, followed by couple’s friends, means my turn haha I was flustered because I had to go to front stage and taking picture. It was not easy, because the photographer was noisy directing us all over.


Finally I could enjoy my “5-star hotel” lunch haha It was delicious and healthy enough haha everything was fresh. I love the salmon with avocado sauce. And the dessert also was delicious. There was beef steak, but I couldn’t eat it, but it was looks so delicious.

While the guest was enjoying the lunch, the bride and the groom was greeting everyone table to table. My table was at the back and corner, so almost the last visited by them. Anyway, just in time, after that I went home directly haha no need to say goodbye or anything, everyone can left 🙂

It was a very interesting experiencing Korean style of wedding. I got invited several times by my teacher in Keimyung Language Institute, but I couldn’t attend all of them because I am in Seoul already. Too far and It was always when I had another important stuffs, such as exam. Anyway, thats wrap up the day 🙂

Coex Amoris Grandballroom

Seoul – 2016.12.18

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