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Habit changed, leads to Insomnia

I don’t know when it started but my life style is changed due to many circumstances.

First, this 4-season country changes my sleep habit. In Summer the Subuh prayer can be from 4.30AM, then the Isya can be 9PM. In Winter, the Subuh can be 6AM and Isya can be 7PM. Because of this difference of time, My sleeping habit also changed.

Second, the course work in graduate life is influenced my habit too. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep because I may not sleep due to the given assignment. Sometimes, I stay overnight because I want to spend more time by myself, such as watching movies, dramas or playing games. Because too many assignments I need to finish during semester, I didn’t have much time by myself. That is probably why I let my self didn’t sleep for that.

Those two reasons affected me so much, especially now is vacation day. Of course, I still need to go to laboratory for research, but I also want to have relax more. Recently, I couldn’t sleep till 3Am, then wake up in the morning to turn off alarm, then sleep again till Noon. Then after having lunch I go to Lab. The problem is, because I came late to lab, then I go home late, after 9PM. Usually I arrive home around 10PM, then I take a bath, then watching movies or dramas till 12PM. I really really want to sleep but I couldn’t close my eyes until 3AM.

Probably, because sometimes I eat dinner or snacks after taking a bath to fill my stomach. After eat, I couldn’t just go to bed, could I? That is why my body is waiting for the food is digested well.

This is a very bad habit, but I don’t know how to change it T.T

I want to leave for school very early in the morning, but my head was so heavy. Then I continue sleeping. Somehow I need to change this habit. Otherwise, it will affect my health in the future.

I think I need to change my habit from these:

  • Don’ts
    • Going home late, 9PM is the latest
    • Having heavy dinner or snacks at night
    • Playing games on bed
    • Watching too many movies, 1 is enough everyday
  • Do’s
    • Drinking hot ginger water/ lemon/ green tea
    • If hungry, just eat fruit, such as Banana
    • Trying to close your eyes even though you are not sleepy
    • Going earlier, before 11AM
    • Having a good eating habit, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It affects how your brain is working. I want to be a morning person, not a night person T.T

This note just to remind me that I have suffered insomnia that leads me to an unproductive day.

Seoul, 2017 January 24

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