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Is it possible to get a job in South Korea?

Is it possible to get a job? Yes

Easily? Nope

Even the Koreans themselves are working so hard to get a job. But, again, depends on your luck. Basically, Korea needs a lot of human resources. Korea incubates a lot of start up.

For foreigners, you can get a job in several ways:

  1. Teaching English, or other foreign languages. For English, you must be a native. Even if you are so good in English, like European, your employer always prefer native. Otherwise they will ask you to fulfill some ridiculous requirement, such as married with Korean, etc
  2. Going for global team. Both SME or big companies, always need foreigners as a bridge to support their overseas business
  3. Translator/ Interpreter. The easiest one to get a job. Become interpreter or translator. You must have a good proficiency in Korean language, your education background might support you also.
  4. Marketing. Same with number 2. You need to create marketing content to target your own country.
  5. Factory Labors. For people who came from developing countries, usually work as factory labors. Don’t underestimate this work. Even the title is not good, the paid is good 😀 Once you go back to your own country, you might be the richest person ever haha Korea’s minimum wages is not bad. Enough for standard living and save some.
  6. Programmer. If you major in IT/ Computer Science related major, then congratulation. You might have a lot of opportunities to apply for a job. Like I said above, Korea has a lot of IT-based start up. You might have a chance here 😀 Not only start up, if you are qualified enough, you might go to Samsung or LG as well

Actually, for the company, before they recruit foreigners, they need to fulfill something. The ratio of a foreigner in a company is 20% If Im not mistaken. So to recruit 1 foreigner, the company must have at least 5 Korean, to recruit 2, require 10 koreans, so on. Except you have F Visa (Residence). That is why, having a good luck is somehow important if you want to work in Korea. 🙂

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