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2016 KGSP Year End Party

Usually I always skip any party or celebration event, because I hate crowd so much. But this time I made an exception. I decided to participate KGSP Year End Party this year because it might be my last chance as KGSP student to attend the event.

I arrived around 3PM by subway. I thought the office was only one or two floors, but it is a big building in the area. I was amazed that the location is very strategic. Anyway, I directly re-register in the front desk and received number and red hat. These properties was for Golden Bell Quiz as warming up event.

Before all the KGSP participants did Golden Bell Quiz, We saw some talent shows from 9 teams. The first winner was from Indonesia. This guy was very talented to get people’s heart with his beatboxing performance. The second winner was from Inha University. They performed mixed traditional dance from their origin country which reminds me of my language course time. When I was at the level 2, my class performed the similar things and got second or third place, I didn’t remember. You can see it in here if curious :p Of course ours was better hehehe The third place was an amazing and beautiful cello performance. I was going to vote for her also. I love classic instrument though.

Talent show and Golden Bell was taking around 2 hours. After that we had break, but not a coffee break. Just break to vote or chit chat with friends. Around 5PM, the main event began. They introduced the VIP guest who are representatives of Embassy of some countries, followed by awarding ceremony for excellent and outstanding students.

When I saw that many students, including from my country Indonesia, was succeed in their academic life, I felt that “what did I do actually?” haha I felt failure haha While the others working hard, what did I do exactly during these 3 semesters. I should have been working harder than now to achieve my dream. Well, I even haven’t figured out what my dream is. Living in SNU was hard, not only technically, but also mentally. I envy them who can achieve their goal and got recognition. I am nothing haha *reminiscing time*

Anyway, I was bored to death waiting for dinner because honestly I haven’t had a proper meal today. Meanwhile my lab mates keep texting me about getting visa as soon as possible -_- I have told him many times that I couldn’t do it too early, but… forget it haha

Because it was meal time! Well, the amount of food variety was okay, but my lovely dessert was not okay T.T I wanted to eat the cake, but when I came back after main dishes, it was gone. Anyway, Thank you for arranging such a good event 🙂 But, please don’t waste money for unnecessary things, such as that whiteboard 😐 When we played Golden Bell Quiz, each of us got whiteboard, eraser and marker. For people who failed in the first question like me, I need to return everything to committee. Well, for one time usage is unnecessary expenses right? hahaha


I will try my best for the rest of my study period! Thank you for this rare chance~

NIIED Office (국립국제교육원)

Gyeonggi, 2016.12.22

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