Kidult & Hobby Expo 2017

In the middle of confusion whether go to the expo or not,

In the harsh weather when the snow was falling so hard,

In the middle of month when I need to save some money to survive the month,


I chose to go.

As usual, I don’t want to miss this kind of exhibition. haha So I ran into the harsh snow and not forget to bring my super card for buying “stuffs” 😀

Spending around 30 minutes in the way, finally I was standing in front of the Hall D COEX Exhibition Hall. I paid 12.000 won to get my entrance ticket. This was my mistake. I knew about this event from a long time ago, but why didn’t I check about the ticket first! As the consequence, I miss the half price ticket discount T.T I ended up paying 12.000 won. Anyway, I think It was okay since I saved enough money this month hehe

I checked the map to decide which way to start the journey. I decided to go from left and going around in the clockwise direction. There are many good stuffs to see! For the detail what booths were available, check the official website.

There was a papercraft contest. I couldn’t believe what I’ve seen! There were a lot of figures that were built from paper but you still couldn’t believe that it was paper. From small size paper craft to a giant papercraft art, such as robot were available. I got one coin to vote one of the art piece exhibited there. I think too much, because I couldn’t choose only one. Every single of the work has its own charisma and character. Well, in the end I just picked one because I like a work that has story in it. I chose this starwars story with Darth Vader in the middle trying to conquer the world. I love it because the detail was superb. Probably not seen clearly, but in the back, there were plane that looks like created from metal, but it was paper! so clean~

Some other piece of arts,

Pramodel Exhibition Contest

Similar to paper craft exhibition, this pramodel exhibition was not a children play T.T They put so many effort on building it. I got 3 votes this time. I chose following, if I’m not mistaken.

I was surprised of the small lady in the large green field with flower, standing waiting for her prince going out from his gundam robot. The title of this art was 작은 움직임이 큰 기적, which means even a small movement can means miracle. I put my first vote for this.

Ochatomo Series

Actually I know this kind of decoration from a long time ago, but not many people aware it. Recently I realized that this decoration is becoming trend. I have my first cup figure from Lotteria actually. I bought one set burger and got the cup figure of 마음의 소리 webtoon character. Last time I went to such an event, I didn’t see this cup figure’s future as I saw this time. Soooo many! One shop booth put and sell many cup figures with different character and display it very attractively. I ended up buying one T.T It was random and I got Naruto.. I want Kakashi but from total 6 or 8 characters, I got him, the one that I have no interest at all. Not offense, I just want the others figures because Naruto’s pose is just too plain haha Btw, I didn’t buy the cup, I got it for free because I subscribed to their Youtube channel. Try to check it if you are curious :p

Board Game Experience Booth

Another hobby that is considered as serious hobby in South Korea. It is board game. After I came to Korea, I came to know soooo many board game titles in this world hahaha If you come to Korea, you will find a lot of Board Game Cafe where you can play many board game with your friends. Such a nice place to visit once a while 🙂

Well, in the expo, There was a very big area for Board Game. You also can try to experience many board games for free. But, the problem is that the chairs were full haha It was hard to find empty space to try. They sell the board game in sale price also.

My First Drone

From a long time ago, I really really want to have one! But the price is still high, even the small one. In Korea, recently, they produced an economised version of drone which is quite affordable cheap for newbie. I bought a medium size one called Super-A from OneOK brand, with camera included. The body is from plastic, seems fragile, yeah, i don’t expect more from a cheap product. Anyway, it was worth as kickstarter. I will review and show the result of capture later. I haven’t got any chance to try because outside is very cold and snowing T.T If you are curious, this is their Naver cafe page. I spent 34.000 won for the drone, and pay 13.000 extra for the camera. I tried it a bit inside my room, I think I will like it haha I need to practice more to fly this drone.

Ghost Town – Who is the killer?

I visited this booth in the remaining time I had before the exhibition was closed for the day. I took so much time here because I need to read and think to answer the question haha I love this kind of detective game. And I love that they put effort in it and make it real. The challenge was finding the culprit who killed Dead Mo. (For detail of the character, visit their website). The picture of the crime scene is as follows. Don’t think too much. I made mistake because I think too much and too serious haha This was a very easy riddle. Just do it for fun as I did! I got pin from them as reward finding the evidence and who the culprit is.

In summary, Dead Mo was found dead. The 6 pictures was the suspects. Currently, Mobum was falsely accused by the Modol, the police. Five pictures at the bottom were containing detail crime scene and evidence. Based on this description only, find the culprit hehehehe I spent time for reading the Hangul too -_-

Following pictures are not related to the Ghost town case btw, I just put it because I love it haha

That was a great day and great spending hahaha It is always fun to go to such an exhibition. So much aspiring things come to mind. I am amazed those kind of creative person are exist. I envy their creativity 😀

Good piece of art!

The result of treasure hunt~

Kidult & Hobby Expo – 키덜트 하비 엑스포

Coex, 2017 January 21

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