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3차기 종강입니다!!! Death-list is over

Today, the most painful two weeks is officially over!

Final exams, assignments, presentations… everything is over~ During this last two weeks, I slept at the laboratory, got sick because of dirty air inside the laboratory, couldn’t eat properly. If I reminisce about those time, I couldn’t believe I did all of those things. Thanks SNU for making so strong :”)

As reward, I start my vacation earlier than my friends. Actually, the official last day of this semester is 14th. But, due to conference and other events, most students couldn’t attend the class anymore, that is why all of the exam was fasten. I couldn’t imagine I did review more than 6 chapters of scheduling book within 2 days, reviewing all the ppt materials of ERP within 2 days T.T Doing scheduling ppt and report only within 1 day. Doing agent-based simulation ppt and coding within 1 day. WOW! I’m so proud of myself haha I don’t care about the result. I just did my best during these crazy deadlines.

The most interesting part was my last exam for Agent-based modelling. I was so lucky because the professor was so open-mind. He is my favourite professor ever in SNU T.T Actually, on 8th, I had internship interview in Yeoido. I told them that I had exam on 7th and 8th, even before the scheduling settled. But they didn’t care about it 🙁 they said the manager also had their own schedule. So, I was trying to ask the professor whether I could take the exam 1 hour earlier or not. And He agreed!

On D-day, I was knocking his room at 12.30 PM as what we’ve agreed. I knocked 3 times, but He said to wait because He had an interesting conversation with his student. Well, I understand it. So in the end, I could start my exam at 1.30PM. But the problem was I need to leave at most at 2PM, because I had interview at 2.50 PM. It needs around 1 hour to reach the interview place. I couldn’t focus on my exam either, I finished 4 of 5 available questions within less than 1 hour. So, the professor offered me solution, I could continue my last number after I finished my interview. So I agreed to that condition. I left directly to interview place without thinking because I was late already.

I arrived at interview place 20 minutes late, I arrived around 3.10 PM. But I just arrived on time, when I arrived, they just put me in the group and directly went to interview room. Actually I wanted to go to toilet first, I have hold it since the unfinished-exam T.T After throwing my coat and my bag, I joined the group. I was out of breathe and so nervous. I couldn’t talk properly either. But I tried so hard to calm. I was so intimidated of the other friends because their languages was better than me, some can speak more than 3 languages, some others were very active. Whenever the interviewer was asking a question, I always late to raise my hand, so I couldn’t get any attention. I was trying to wrap up everything in the last question. I hope that was work HAHAHHAHA anyway, we talked each other after the interview and walking to subway station together. Despite of the result, I was happy to meet them and experience the interview.

Heading home? nope.. I need to continue and claim my last number in exam hahaha I was heading to professor room again. I saw the instructor was inside correcting the answer sheets of other students. Again and again, professor also had visitor haha He was so busy. I did my last question around 30 minutes. After that I went back to laboratory to take a breathe and went home.

What a day!!!

Seoul – 2016.12.12


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