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불금이다 TGIF

My first free day after a death weeks over. I wake up a bit late and went to school around 12PM. I went to school because I had appointment with my Korean friend, 연진. It has been a long time since I met her last Spring. She just finished her thesis defence, and we decided to eat lunch together after a long time.

Talking about 연진, She lives far far away from Seoul, there is a city named 남양주, 2 hours by bus from school. She has a hard life going back and forth like that during undergraduate life. Sometimes she skips breakfast too T.T She is the only child in her family. She was born on 1993. Her age is same with my brother, so I treat her as if she were my own younger sister 🙂 How I did meet her? the story was funny haha When my parent visited me on spring 2015, my parent and I went to Nami Island. While walking and taking photos, I met 연진’s parent. Her father greet us first, and her mother was talking to me and asked my phone number. She gave it to 연진, and I got text message from her directly. I was so touched because of their hospitality T.T I was so lucky meeting them.

Anyway, I spent lunch time until coffee break with 연진. After a long time, we need a lot of time to catch up each other. Around 2.30 PM, I went to laboratory and doing useless stuffs because I wanted to take a rest hahaha I want to enjoy this moment before It was taken by research T.T

Around 7 PM, my friend, Saha, was asking me to join him for Badminton. At first I rejected, but I changed my mind. Because in the end I would visit the dormitory to meet my other friend. It was my first time to play Badminton here. Moreover, It was my first after long time hiatus in doing hard sports like this. I played Badminton around 30 minutes, and I was thinking that I’m old already hahaha I got tired and weaker within short time. But, it was a nice practice with Saha. He is such a good Badminton player, really hahaha He really likes playing Badminton and competing with good players.

Around 8.30 PM, finally I went to my friend’s room to enjoy Bakso!! She is very good at cooking. She always cook in big amount of food, so that many people can eat it also. She said because she cooks for 2-3 days eating haha

I feel so lucky also meeting her. She only studies in SNU around 16 months, because She enters through special program. She is working in governmental sector in Indonesia. Because of her, I got to know many friends. I met a lot of important person from many countries. All of her friends was working in governmental sector, so they are very important person in their countries. WOW.. haha btw, not only eating Bakso, I also ate fried potato that her friend cooked. I felt so lucky~

Around 12AM, I walked back home and rest to end my Friday~

Seoul – 2016.12.09

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