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Dear Daegu…

My last day in Daegu. After finished taking care of everything in Daegu, especially home contract, I brought my last luggage, heading to Seoul. Exactly one year, learn Korean, learn its culture, adapt, conflict, make friends, everything! bad and good memories were flowing in my last day here. Daegu is like a second hometown from me. Here I have teachers that act as my family. Here I have met good Korean friends too. Here I also learn basic things of surviving in Korea. many things. I tried to write something in Korean haha just to remind me how thankful I am of this city.
C.. O.. L.. O.. R.. F.. U.. L..  DAEGU!

I posted this in my Kakao Story page

happy 365days living in Korea!
대구에 온 지 1년이 되었다
2014.08.26 대구에 도착…
2015.08.26 대구를 완전히 떠나기…
대구는 고향인 셈이다
대구는 한국 문화를 배우는 도시이다
대구는 힘들게 떠나가는 도시이다
대구는 기쁜 추억을 많이 만든 도시이다
여기저기 구경하지 못해서 미안하고
여러가지 가르쳐 줘서 고마워~
다구.. 안녕~ ㅠㅠ
서울로 올라간다~

Daegu, 2015 August 26th

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