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Korean’s Weird Stuffs – 한국의 신기한 물건

When the first time I came to Korea, I found a lot of weird things that I couldn’t imagine it exist. I wonder how this things work, I wonder what kind of stuff is this. Despite Korea has so many cute stuffs, Korea also has something strange but in the same time also amazing. When you see it, you would not believe it, especially when you look at the Korean. How they use it. How it works. Just one word from me.. “WoW” hahaha So, what kind of stuffs that I found it weird but amazing when the first time I saw it? Let’s find out!

봉투물컵 – Paper Cup

First, it was Paper Cup. Really, I thought it was only paper without any function. But then I thought, why they put the paper on top of water dispense. I couldn’t understand that part, till my Korean friend took one then drink from it 😐 Oh okay,, so it was for drinking. to replace the disposable cup. See… isn’t it amazing? so simple but useful at the same time.

우산꽂이 – Umbrella Stand

This things is not really weird. I think you also can find it in another developed cities. But, what makes me amazed is… first, you only can find this in rainy weather, yes of course haha. second, its very handy. Because in my country, when its raining and I bring the umbrella with me, the building owner didn’t provide anything to save my umbrella. In that sense, I need to bring that wet umbrella inside and makes the floor get wet. But, well, that was not my fault either :p So, I was amazed when I saw this thing here.

구둣주걱 – Shoehorn

The history of this stuff and me was… when I went to Jeju with my lab mates. We went to Korean authentic restaurant, which means we sat on the floor. Then, when we finished and going to leave the restaurant, I saw my senior put the shoes on with this things. Oh.. at first I thought that was a useless and lifeless stick, but now I knew that that stuff has function. actually in my country, we don’t use it haha

달고나 기계 – Sweet Sugar Snack Machine

Well, this last things to introduce is actually traditional candy from Korea. In my country, we also have this things but in different mechanism. But the idea is this is traditional candy machine that you can find in Korea hehe Honestly I haven’t tried this one because I don’t like sweet things. But I wanna try at least once 🙁

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