Invitation of Excellent Students for Training – 우수학습자초청연수

For 8 days 7 nights, September 1st to September 8th, 150 students of King Sejong Institute from 54 countries were invited to attend special training in South Korea. Speech Contest and various Korean culture classes were provided to increase the knowledge about Korean culture.

Day 1

As appetizer, students was welcomed with beautiful calligraphy lesson (서예체험). Each student was challenged to write Hangul as creative as possible on the Korean traditional fan using special calligraphy brush. The white-plain paper fan was successfully decorated beautifully with Korean Character by the students. After having fun in releasing their creativity, Orientation and Opening Ceremony was held in Olympic Parktel, Seoul. We were welcoming the students with special performance and dance to motivate the students for the rest seven-days of training.

Day 2

A bright sun cheered up the student in the second day. Students attended first session of training. Students were separated by group. Each group attended different training: Samulnori (사물놀이), KPOP Lesson, Taekwondo and Mask Dance (탈춤). In KPOP lesson, students was divided into several groups. They learned to sing and dance. They received vocal training from the professional. Several famous KPOP song, such as EXO’s Lucky One, Big Bang’s If you, and Big Bang’s bang3x were taught by the teacher.Four different Korean cultures were introduced and let the students experienced them.

In the evening, all the students visited Korea National Assembly Building (국회의사당). This beautiful 24 pillars with blue domes and white exterior building was located near Han River. This building was also one of the famous tourist attraction. It has a beautiful walking path with trees that are also beautiful in every season.

To close the day, students had chance to watch Music Bank live from KBS Studio! Even I still haven’t got that chance yet though I’m living here for 2 years T.T Such a lucky student!

Day 3

Day 3 and Day 4 was a special day. Why? Because the students would visit several cities in Gangwon province: Gangneung, Pyeongchang and Sokcho. Probably you have ever heard about Olympic Pyeongchang 2018? Yes that Pyeongchang. And you also might be heard that in Korea, the only city that allow you to play Pokemon Go is Sokcho? Yes, that Sokcho! Once again, What a lucky students they are T.T  Moreover, the students would experience another environment other than Seoul city.

We visited Gangneung and Pyeongchang on Day 3. Even though that day was raining, we were having so much fun! Please watch the video to see our adventure in Day 3 and meet a lot of friends from all over the world!


Day 4

Day 4 is Soeraksan Day! We visited the most beautiful mountain in Gangwon. Another new experience has been introduced, such as Buddhist temple and Tea Time. Day 4 was memorable day and sad day in the same time because we need to go back to Seoul and leave this peaceful city like Gangwon.


Day 5

Even though we felt the busy city again, the spirit of learning was never disappear. We visited the most important place in Seoul history, Gwanghwamun, today. Not an ordinary visit though, because students were wearing Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothes, while walking inside the palace. Actually this was one of the trick if you want to enter the place for free hehe

Near the palace, there is a stream called Cheonggyecheon Stream. We played “Sejong-Man”, which was inspired from the most popular variety show in Korea, Running Man. After that, students were enjoying their free time here and feel the freshness of the Cheonggyecheon stream water.

Not only that, we also learned how to make Korean Traditional Cake, called 다과. It was made from red bean flour. From four different colors: yellow, black, red and green, we made a delicious small cute cake in a short time. 

Day 6

In the morning, students were given a chance to review their previous cultural training, Samulnori, Kpop lesson, Taekwondo and Mask Dance. You will find out why hehe 😀

After having lunch, we moved to KBS Broadcast Station to learn how to produce a good pronunciation. Who knows if our students have talent to be announcer 😀 Once again! Another lucky day for the students. Don’t you think learning Korean is very interesting? hehehe Hope you are the next lucky student.

Day 7

Wow, time really goes by. It’s already the seventh day! That means our adventure are almost finished. Today the event was held on KBS Art Hall. Last but not least important than the other day, day 7 was the peak of the training event. The speech contest was going on today. From all the King Sejong Hakdang’s students in the world, 20 students were selected for the final round. 12 students from Novice level, and 8 students from Intermediate level. They were so good, better than me haha even though there is only one winner, but all of them are the winner for us!

For me, it is not simply only learning a language, but making my dream and what i wanna do become true is what I want to achieve. While challenging myself with something that I want to do, makes me realized that there is a relation between language and the culture.“. This speech was a quote from the winning speech. What a very inspire speech it was. Congratulation for student who came from Uzbekistan Tashkent Sejong Institute, Yusufoba Farzod (유수포바 파리조드 ). Hope your speech will inspire all of people who hear it.

Day 8

Finally, closing ceremony day! A bit sad but we have no choice other than closing the day. For almost one week they had trained hard. So, it’s time to show them how hard the students trained. In the closing ceremony, each group performed what they have been learned in the cultural training. Samulnori Performance, Taekwondo Performance, Mask Dance Performance and also KPOP singing and dancing.

Event though it was only 8 days, I hope all the students received many valuable lessons during the time 🙂 Please visit us again next time~

Visit King Sejong Institute Facebook Page for more photos about this event ^^

Day 1a | Day 1b | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5Day 8a | Day 8b

2 thoughts on “Invitation of Excellent Students for Training – 우수학습자초청연수

  • Wow. Amazing..
    i don’t know if you will see this, but..
    is the invitation fully paid for? Or the student covers all the costs? And how do i get invited too?

    • ninan

      Thanks for reading.
      Yeah, this invitation is for King Sejong Institute’s student from all over the world. If you want to participate in such an event, I think you should find the information from the Institute in your country. 🙂
      And yeah, I believe for those who got invited didn’t pay a penny to participate!


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