UNIQLO Korea sells Batik Indonesia

Batik is traditional pattern of clothes originated from Indonesia. Most tourists who visit our country, always buy this Batik as present. Batik can come in many forms, such as T-shirt, scarf, wallet, dress, formal shirt, pants, and many others. Batik was also admitted as UNESCO World Heritage around 2009.

As Indonesian, I am proud of it. And whats more? I live in Korea now, and I found Batik is sold in one of the biggest clothes retail store in here. Yeah, I saw it from my friend’s SNS newsfeed in the end of July. So, its kind of new and good news for us haha

So why UNIQLO does sell Batik at their store? As looking for answer, this is kind of CSR Project. They call it Empowering Worker for Life. This project is held in two countries with the most production countries: Bangladesh and Indonesia. For Indonesia, it was launched on June 2016. You can read the detail in the official website.

For me, not only think it commercially, but I think it to the extend of introducing our culture to Korean people. 😀

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