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How to Enjoy Online or Mobile Application Services in Korea

If you heard of Korea, some of you probably imagine how advance Korea Technology are. Well, you are not wrong. When I first arrived here, I was so amazed of how Korea install Wi-Fi services inside bus! And If you realize, most of place in Korea has Wi-Fi, both free and paid one.

Now I knew what the reason are. Koreans are depending on the mobile devices so much. Most of the services here are provided online. Very convenience. For example, Shopping Online, Online Banking, Food Delivery online, Test Registration Online, TV Streaming Online, and many more! But it is not that easy at the beginning. Why?

First of all, if you buy your mobile phone inside Korea and have the phone contract with one of phone operator (LG U+, KT Olleh, SK Telecom), then you are save. You can identify your identity by your phone number. For security issue, you have to confirm your identity every time you want to register as member in one of the online services.

But, for me, I found difficulty. I could not confirm my identity, because I brought my phone from my home country and bought pre-paid card in Korea. Actually, if you register the number using Alien Card, then you are safe. My problem was I registered using Passport ID because my Alien Card had not been issued yet at that time. But I need phone number as soon as possible, then I have problem when registering to any Korea website.

But do not worry about that. Korea has solution! You can confirm your identity, not only by phone number, but also by certain service. They call it I-PIN. I found an English tutorial for creating this ID here. But, in order to create I-PIN, you need another identification. And you can get it from Korea Bank. In my case, I went to my Bank in Korea and ask help how to issue the certificate. It is fast and easy actually, just ask their assistance, then done.

When you have your Bank Certificate that could confirmed your identity, and I-PIN ID, then you can use any Online Services in Korea and feel how convenience it is to use.

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