Gyeongchun Forest Line – 경춘숲길

What I admire about Seoul government is, they care about environment or city planning a lot. Seoul actually doesn’t have a lot of natural site for sight seeing, but it doesn’t stop the government to do something for environment and the city. You will find a lot of parks around the resident area in Korea. In this post, I will write about one of the park that has been revitalized not a long ago. Before become this beautiful park, previously this location was used for train station. Now the train station is abandoned. Instead, they put not operated train as decoration in the park.

Gyeongchun Line Forest, as its name, implies combination of two Chinese character Gyeong and Chun, which represents Gyeonggi and Chuncheon area. The railroad was created to connect these two cities.

Seoul began to create Gyeongchun Line Forest along the 6.3 KM section between the abandoned Gyeongchun railroad bridge and Damteo Village.

How to Go There

Simply take subway Line 6 and get off at Hwarang Station (화랑대역). Go to exit 2, you will find a small map that will tell you how to go to the Abandoned Station.

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The park is beautiful when autumn came 🙂 But visiting in summer was a good experience. The picture turns out nice because the weather is also nice.

Seoul, Sept 8th 2018

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