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Mr. Kebab – Halal Self-Certified Restaurant

South Korea is not a Muslim country. It is very difficult for Muslim to live here because of the insufficiency of Halal food. However, Statistic tells that the number of Muslim visitor is keep increasing from 2016. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) tries to attract more Muslim visitors by promoting more Halal Restaurant in the country.

KTO classified the Muslim Friendly Restaurant into four categories, as follows:

By 2018, there are 146 restaurants listed officially by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). I had a chance to visit one of the restaurants. This time, I will introduced you another Turkish Fast Food Restaurant in Itaewon area. FYI, most Turkish restaurants here are expensive. But some of them are quiet affordable. But the menu is limited to Kebab menu or Pilaf. But the taste is not bad compare to the normal restaurant.

The restaurant name is Mr. Kebab. This restaurant has 2 stores in Itaewon, one is easier to find since its located in the front, near the big street. Another one is located a bit inside of the alley street towards the Mosque.

Halal Certified

This restaurant is categorized as Self-Certified Halal Restaurant. It means that all the foods are halal, and certified by the owners themselves. There is Halal logo at the front of restaurant. The restaurant is listed also in Halal Restaurant Week Korea event. 😀 So, It is reassured that food is Insyaalloh Halal.

Halal Menu

The main signature dishes is Kebab and Pilaf. I was about to order Iskender Kebab Pilaf, but they said they don’t have it anymore and suggest to order the other Pilaf. I order Pilaf Mix and Grill Cheese Kebab. The cheese is Mozzarella cheese. I also order Rice Chicken Wrap Kebab 😀

The tortilla bread was thicker than other kebab I’ve tried. But the meat was ordinary. I expect more from the cheese kebab, but the cheese taste was subtle, the taste just like the normal kebab haha Ah, there is something unique about the kebab. It has potato fried inside haha too much carbo~


I forgot to take picture of the menu, but it is easily found in the internet 🙂 but here is the menu I ordered~

  • Grill Cheese Kebab – KRW 8.500
  • Pilaf Mix – KRW 10.900
  • Rice Chicken Wrap – KRW 6.900
  • Mango Lassi – KRW 3.500
  • Turkish Tea – KRW 2.500

Restaurant Ambience

Honestly, the restaurant was a bit dim. The owner also played music for the visitor, I think it was Turkish music. I couldn’t talk to my friend while eating, because the music sound was too loud hahaha anyway, it was okay. I don’t know about the first restaurant, but this second restaurant is a bit small. I think its only fit around 20 people at the same time. Well, most people take away the order, so no need to have a big place, right? I have a good news, they have TOILET inside~ haha

How To Get There

The one that I visited was the second store.

A. First Store
Seoul, Yongsan-gu Itaewon-ro 192
서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 192

B. Second Store
Seoul, Yongsan-gu Usadan-ro 42
서울특별시 용산구 우사단로 42

Public Transport:

Take Subway Line 6, get off at Itaewon Station and walk out from Exit 3. Walk straight till find the first store, then turn left to find the second one.

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This restaurant above has been nominated as a Halal Certified Restaurant by Korea Tourism Organization and the post is written by its support.


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