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Sultan Kebab – Halal Certified Restaurant

South Korea is not a Muslim country. It is very difficult for Muslim to live here because of the insufficiency of Halal food. However, Statistic tells that the number of Muslim visitor is keep increasing from 2016. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) tries to attract more Muslim visitors by promoting more Halal Restaurant in the country.

KTO classified the Muslim Friendly Restaurant into four categories, as follows:

By 2018, there are 146 restaurants listed officially by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). I had a chance to visit one of the restaurants. This time, I will introduced you cheap Turkish Restaurant in Itaewon area. FYI, most Turkish restaurants here are expensive. But some of them are quiet affordable. But the menu is limited to Kebab menu or Pilaf. But the taste is competitive.

The restaurant name is Sultan Kebab. I just found out that this restaurant is part of Kervan restaurant but the concept is fast food. But It was delicious and cheaper than Kervan.

Halal Certified

I was informed that this restaurant was classified as “Self-certified” restaurant, but when I checked the status has changed into “Halal Certified”. It is a good news then 😀

Halal Menu

All menu served in this restaurant are (Alhamdulillah) Halal 😀 . Personally, I would recommend Rice Wrap Kebab menu. The rice was sticky, sweet and it taste soft. Usually I found the rice is hard in other Turkish restaurant.

If you come with your acquaintance, you can order family set menu for cheaper price. Usually the set offer free fried fries and drinks. The fried fries was delicious ~.~ the inside of the potato was soft and crunchy at the outside.

Turkish Kebab is the basic kebab. There are meat and salad wrapped in tortilla wrap. You can ask for extra meat by add 2.500 won, or cheese by add 1.500 won.

Rice wrap is the basic kebab plus rice. This is my fave. It is enough to get your stomach full. Tombig is the biggest kebab plus flat bread. If you prefer bread than rice, this can be good choice.

The pilaf was also delicious. The rice is the same as in the rice wrap one. Overall, the menu was very delicious. Cheap price for a good lunch.

Not forget to mention that they have Lassi drink and Turkish dessert, like Baklava.

Menu Price:

  • Turkish Kebab – KRW 5900 ~ 8500
  • Tombig Kebab – KRW 6900 ~ 8500
  • Rice Wrap Kebab – KRW 6900 ~ 8500
  • Pilaf Kebab – KRW 8900 ~ 15000
  • etc

Restaurant Ambience

If you have ever visited other Turkish restaurant, like Kervan, the interior is superb right. They use a middle-east decoration, expensive-look chair and table, etc. Don’t expect you will see the same thing here. Because the concept is express or fast food restaurant, please imagine McD, KFC or Burger King interior in your mind 😀 It doesn’t mean bad, but don’t expect more haha

The size of the restaurant is quiet small. But it always pack with customer, especially in weekend. I heard that the restaurant has expanded the restaurant. Previously, it was like a small kiosk in the corner of Itaewon.

Even though it is small, but the Turkish ambience still can be experienced.

How To Get There

Seoul Yongsan-gu Bogwang-ro 126
서울 용산구 보광로 126

Public Transport:

Take Subway Line 6 and Get off at Itaewon Station. Go out from Exit 3 and turn around and walk about 200m.

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This restaurant above has been nominated as a Halal Certified Restaurant by Korea Tourism Organization and the post is written by its support.

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