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꿀 꽈배기 – Korean Twisted Honey Bread Stick

Another unhealthy culinary hobby that I’ve been doing recently is…

Trying new snacks from convenience store to accompany me while watching movies at night HAHAHA 😀 such a ridiculous and unhealthy hobby but I’ve been doing this for some moment because of stress. Actually I have tried many snacks, and of course something that I can eat. But, I keep forgetting to archive it in my blog.

For Muslim, honestly looking for chips or light snacks is a bit tricky. You have to read the ingredients very carefully. Especially for snacks that contains chocolate or cheese, or dairy products, or bread. These foods can contain pork or any haram ingredients. I just review what can be eaten by us, Muslim and worth to try.

Title: 꿀 꽈배기

Manufacture: Nongshim

Price: 1400 Won

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Corn Starch, Rice Kernel Oil, Tapioca, Maltodextrin, Palm Oil, Butter, Seasoning Powder, Black Sugar, Maple Syrup, Acacia Honey (Made in Korea), Condensed Sweet Milk, Salt, Artificial Flavour. Contains Milk and gluten.


Sweet, Double Sweet, Extremely Sweet.

Twisted Bread is actually traditional snack in Korea. The original flavour is delicious, I mean the one that is naturally made without preservation etc. When you go to visit Jeonju, I believe you will find this twisted bread sold in many stores.

The taste of this snack was very sweet, because its honey, and they add also sugar and then condensed milk, and also Maple syrup. Can you imagine how sweet it is? hehe

For small amount of consumption, the taste is delicious. Personally I don’t like sweet snack so much. But most snacks in Korea are sweet. Even though it says spicy, but Korean spicy means sweet spicy haha This snack can be served for two times consumption. Yeah, I tried it, even though the amount is not that much, but I feel full after eating just half of it, probably because of the sweetness. However, try it if you like honey sweet flavour. If you eat it with tea or hot milk, your day would be perfect 😀



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