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협력동 – Weird name for a dormitory

The dormitory accommodates 2,451 students in 1,095 rooms in seven buildings, which are Jinridong (Truth Building, C-CLIK House), Jungeuidong (Justice Building), Sarangdong (Love Building, KELI House and JIKU House). Mideumdong (Trust Building), Somangdong (Hope Building), Hyuprukdong (Cooperation Building) and Bongsadong(봉사동).

Most international students are accommodated in a double room in KELI (Keimyung English Language Institute) House, English only residence hall. All international students will be assigned Korean students as roommates. All dormitory rooms are furnished with a bunk bed, a desk and chair, a fan, a air conditioner and a wardrobe. (Source: KMU Web)

There are 2 kinds of dormitory for girl (I just want to talk about girls dormitory :D): Shared-Bathroom Dorm and Private-Bathroom Dorm. Place where I lived is Private-bathroom Dorm named 협력동 (Hyepreok Dong). I don’t know much about KELI House since I haven’t ever lived there, but maybe next time I’ll try it in next semester. This time, I will only share about my room.


What You Got…

  1. There will be 2 students for each room and not randomly assigned. A bit different from KELI House where a foreigner is assigned to Korean Roomate, in Hyeopreok, the foreign student is lived with the same country student, or the nearest country. I think the purpose is to avoid the culture shock too much hehe usually the country which close each other has almost same habit and so on.
  2. Each student got 1 Wardrobe, 1 Medium Bedroom, 1 Bed Linen, 1 Chair and 1 Desk.
  3. Each room got one bathroom, air conditioner and shoes cabinet.
  4. LAN Internet Connection (LAN Cable included).

What The Building Provides You With…

  1. Washing Machine in the basement.
  2. Gym in the basement.
  3. Study Room.
  4. Lounge with Refrigerator and TV in each floor.

What You Didn’t Get…

  1. Room Balcony. Yeah, there is no balcony in this dormitory building.
  2. Drying Rack. You have to buy your own drying rack to dry your clothes. Plus, you cannot put it in balcony since you don’t have one. So usually, we put it outside the room, in the hallway, or inside the room. If you wonder whether it will be dry or not, the answer is YES. It will dry hehe I also do not understand, maybe because of the AC.
  3. Microwave. Actually KELI House has one microwave, but this Hyepryeok Building is not.

Some picture of the Room…

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