Lotus Theme Park – 연꽃테마파크

Summer is always a good time to play outside. Even though the sun shines brightly, you must not miss a chance to travel. This time, I went to outside Seoul and tried a new subway line at the bottom part of Seoul. There is a new line called Seohae Line, the color is lime and quiet short. The place I visit this time located at Sinhyeon (신현) station. Btw, lotus flower can be seen only in warm or hot weather, which is June-August is a good time to see. Most flowers bloom around late Spring till Summer, don’t they?

When I visit Park, or place full with flowers, usually I see a lot of couples or young people. But in Lotus theme park, you probably see elder people with their expensive camera gear. You will get a good spot to take a picture without people interfering you. 🙂

My friend and I decided to go in the morning, and I guess we made the right choice. Yesterday was rain in the afternoon. Moreover, not many people in the morning, plus it was not very hot in the morning. These day Korea is really hot, the real feel almost reach 40 degrees.

We arrived around 8AM. But it felt like I visit at 12PM @@

The park is small actually. The flowers is also reachable. Even if you only have a phone camera with you, you can still capture the best angle ever.

How to Go

It can be reached by several ways, depends from where you depart. If you prefer subway, get off at Sinhyeon Station (신현역) – Seohae Line (서해선). From there take bus number 61 or any bus which go to lotus theme park (연꽃테마파크). I get off at Donga Apartment/ Seongwon Apartment bus stop. Walk around 1KM to the park. From the bus stop, cross the street and walk aside the donga apartment. You will find the plank sign where to go.

지도 크게 보기
2018.7.29 | 지도 크게 보기©  NAVER Corp.

You will find old traditional Korea house named Gwangokji (관곡지) nearby. It opens at 9AM or 10AM I guess. Because when I arrived there, the house was still closed.

I think despite of hot summer, this place is a good place to escape from crowd. I even saw a lot of ducks having shower at the swamp haha

Siheung, 2018 July 28

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