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My first claw machine doll


As I always observing my friend when She moves the joystick to get the doll, and her disappointed expression when the claw failed to grab the doll. And another 1000 won successfully inserted to the machine, again and again.. Finally, I had chance to try it by myself. I think it became trend recently around the area. There is new claw machine opened in Nokdu and Sillim Station. A good one in Sillim, I always visit this place when I get off from subway and try my luck.

I like this Sillim claw machine because the dolls are cute and most of them are Pokemon dolls. I spent 1000 won for one time chance for the big doll. And as expected, it was failure. Then I saw one machine, 1000 won for 4 times chance, it was a small doll but cute enough. I tried once.. I failed.. and the second time, I saw one white round doll, it was nothing surrounding him, so I decided to take that doll instead. And luckily I GOT MY FIRST DOLL! So this is the feeling when you success taking it

Yesterday, I was spending 10.000 won uselessly. I wanted to try my luck in the bigger doll but failure only I found. hahaha the bigger one surely difficult. I will not try it anymore until next month xD I want to practice, but is there any claw machine for practicing? I do not want to spend my money uselessly for this. I just want to practice my claw machine skill.


Sillim Station

Seoul, 2016.12.01

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