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Like I have told in the Prolog, I was accepted in Seoul National University (SNU) as master student for 2 years. Here, as an engineer, each student has their own laboratory in the building. For me, my laboratory is room number 317. We called it Automation+Manufacture Integration Laboratory or in korean they called it 제조통합자동화 연구소 .

Well, in this post, I just want to tell why I am stuck here for 2 years. I hope not more than than. I hope I could graduate faster too haha

I was accepted in KGSP from University path, not from Embassy. So, my strategy that time was looking for the professor and laboratory first, yeah looking based on my related research. I was working for Accenture 2 years and half, and I learned SAP HR for more than 1 year. So, at that time I was about to study about SAP Logistics because I thought logistic and manufacture was interesting. I search from all available laboratories in SNU homepage. And I found only one laboratory talked about SAP and ERP integration. Ah, I though it might be interesting to research here. So, I emailed the professor directly. Actually I also emailed another professor from computer science laboratory also, I guess It was bioinformatic laboratory or similar to that.

Unexpectedly I got reply from professor that I have emailed. Yeah, from Professor Park Jinwoo from Automation+Manufacture Integration Laboratory. I was so happy, because it was like a signal for me to apply for KGSP. And I realized that the deadline was only 2 weeks left. I did write all the documents and send it with express airmail haha I spent more than $50 for the postage mail haha In the end, here I am, stuck in this lab until I graduate haha

Every student is provided with one computer and two monitors, and one enough workspace for research. Inside the lab, there are a lot of related books that you could read also. And also one small space for kitchen and other things. And also one big table for meeting place. Unfortunately the professor room is outside the lab, so we do not face him often. Until I write this post, the lab students are 13 students, 7 masters and 6 PhDs, 10 Koreans and 3 foreigners. My friend from Palestine and Bangladesh, and me from Indonesia.

What you think is not what you see

Like I said, I chose this lab because I want to study SAP more. But once I did observe the daily routine, I think it is hard to learn SAP specifically here, especially if you are foreigner. First of all, our laboratory is focus on up-to-date technology related to manufacture, such as RFID, Hologram, VR and so on. Each student mostly know about RFID, because it is what our professor like. But, It is not limited to that, my PhD friend also has been researching about Solar Energy Implementation too. And for new student like me, I have to find my own topic as soon as possible, because I also got chance to present my topic to professor.

I don’t know why, but suddenly I remember about my undergraduate research, about computer vision and Kinect. At that time I was thinking to use vision technology and implement it into manufacture. And a few days later, I saw Microsoft Kinect V2 in our meeting table. And I was asking whose Kinect was that to my lab friend. They said no one has claimed it. So, without thinking, I claimed the Kinect to be mine and told our laboratory leader. He said OK. then here we go…. From SAP into Vision technology hahaha what kind of turned over is that hahaha Based on my experience I knew this topic is very difficult, but It is worth to try again haha I hope this time better than previous one. As long as our topic is something that is up-to-date in industry area, professor will accept it.

Actually I was happy about our laboratory (until last month incident haha). I was not gonna talk about this in detail and direct :p Okay back to topic. Basically our lab has Lab Seminar every Friday. Each student has to present their research topic and present it in front of professor and other students. yeah we can call it sharing knowledge, but… something also weird here hahaha anyway…

Our lab also has some weird culture. I told you this just in case you also interest to research here haha

  • No applause for every student when He/She present in Lab Seminar. by the way, I am the only girl in the laboratory hahaha
  • Koreans have some project with Professor. Our professor is really great actually, He has a lot of project with other organizations.
  • We only have holiday for 1 week, even though it is a semester vacation, but you are only allowed to rest for 1 week and 2 weeks for foreigner. But, I think you can get more as long as the leader gave you permission.
  • Monday-Friday, we have to come to lab to study or to research.

So far, Our lab is very good. The people also good actually. But since we have different culture, I think conflict is something that we cannot avoid too. No matter where you are, you have to adapt and survive!

This is what I can write about my lab. Please check our lab website if you interest to study here too 🙂 I hope they do not sue me because I talked about this here haha It is what I called sharing knowledge. Since I am here, part of their family, I have to adjust and finish it until end.

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