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Ihwa Mural Village 이화벽화마을

Ihwa Mural Village, the 5th mural village I’ve been visited I guess. To be honest, I really want to visit every mural village in Korea since I really like it. It was so creative and attract anyone to visit their village. This mural village is located at Jongno, Seoul. Compared to other mural village, this was consider as small. But, they offer another special feature of this village. Why do you think the name was Ihwa? Because you can transform to be Ewha student in the old era hehehe You can wear a school uniform from the old times. When I was going there, I saw a lot of teenager or couple wearing those uniform and walking around the village while taking pictures. To be honest, the old uniform was cute haha for woman, the skirt’s length was until knee, not like the modern uniform one. 😀


For the wall painting itself, well, you cannot expect more, I only notice several featured painting, such as koi fish in the stair. but I saw many decorations in the village. Nice place to take many pictures.

Another thing is that this mural village also was used as drama shooting place. The drama was Rooftop Prince.

Around this mural village, you can find several tourist attractions, such as Lock Museum. And I notice that near this area, there is a place that is often being used as theater musical performances stuff. Moreover, this area is also packed with good restaurants and cafe for hangout.

Price: Free
Location: Get off at Hyehwa Station Line 4, Exit 2. Go straight, and follow the board sign. You will be directed to Mt Naksan hehe

Seoul, 2016 February 07

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