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노량진 먹거리 골목 – Noryangjin Street Food Alley

Korea is also famous with its street food snack, especially at night. Especially in Seoul, there are a lot of Street Food Place to visit, such as Hongdae, Myeongdong, and many others. This time, I will introduce, a small, tidy, clean, unique street food alley in Noryangjin. Not many people know about this place, because it is not as big as Hongdae or Myeongdong. I have been there once, but since I cannot try all of the foods, I am trying to refer to one of blog post from Korean, here is the original post. If you ask what kind of foods that are available, please refer to the link, complete with the picture and price.

What makes it unique?
Because of the layout and the history of it. My friend said that this place originally was not tidy, just like another street kiosk in common, they are build their tent everywhere. But the local government saw its potential from this street kiosks. The taste and the variety of the foods also not bad. So, local government reconstructed the place into the one that we can see now. They put the kiosks in line and provided them with enough facilities, such as electricity, sink for dish washing, and in winter, they also have something like curtain that keep the people inside warm.

I tried one of the food street there, called 컵밥, rice in cup. This stall is exactly located at the end of the alley. This stall has two menu, cup rice and toast. The topping for this two menus are same. She put cheese, kimchi, tuna, corn, egg and ham. I tried the cheese and corn toast with egg. Overall, it is delicious for such a cheap food. I paid for 2500원 for the toast.

My friend tried the rice cup, she said it was delicious too and for 2500원 only, can make your stomach full! But, something to concern about here is She cooked everything in one place, so be careful because this stall also sell ham. I noticed it after she finished cooking. Everytime she finished, she cleaned the pan, but who knows ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Price: 2000원- 7000원
Location: Get off at Noryangjin Subway Station and go out from Exit 3. And go straight until you find the stalls.


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