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고등어 철판구이 Grilled Fish in Hot Pot

Grilled Mackerel Fish in Hot Pot. Not many delicious seafood restaurant you can find here (or maybe I don’t have enough reference hehe). Luckily I found this restaurant near Keimyung University. Their main dishes is grilled fish, or in Korean you name it 구이 (gui) which means grilled. You also can find another dishes, such as spicy seafood soup, tofu stew, and other stews.

If you like spicy food, you have to try this menu. I knew for Korean food, maybe this is a bit expensive, but really delicious if you compare it to other restaurant. The spicy sauce taste different. The seasoning was absorbed until the inside part of the fish. Not only that, this menu portion was really a lot. You will be full for sure. They will put like up to 2 portion in one hot pot, so if you order for 2 person, they will put 2 fish in one hot pot.


Until I wrote this article, I think I have been eating here for 4 times. The very first visit, I ordered 고등어 구이 (Grilled Mackerel) for 5000 원. It said grilled but in fact, they only fried it haha so, if you really want the grilled one, buy the hot pot one. And another food that I’ve been ordered was fried fish, but I forgot the name 🙁  see the picture below instead :p


Price: 7000 원
Location: South Gate Keimyung University (near jjimdak restaurant)
Ingredients: Grilled Mackerel Fish, Rice Cake, Mushroom, Spicy Sauce, Omuk


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