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Frozen Mangosteen 망고스틴

I will talk about something related to fruit in Korea. Basically, Korea has no much variety of fruits, because Korea has 4 season. For example, you can only find Strawberry in Winter, Watermelon in Summer, Peach in Spring and Persimmon in Autumn. But you can find Banana in every season. why? because Korea import banana from Philippines.

For a tropical country like Indonesia, we can find many varieties of fruit. Including Mangosteen, for example. Korea does not have this kind of fruit. Something that is interesting is, Korea import those fruit and freeze it. so that Korean people can taste the fruit also. But the implication is, the price will be so high. Can you imagine one Mango can take up to $10. If it is Indonesia, with $10, you can Mango in one pickup car I guess hahaha

So, my story today is, while walking at one of big groceries market in Korea, Homeplus, I found this frozen Mangosteen.

The price also quiet high, it was around 5500 won, or $5 for one box. and you only found 5 pieces of frozen mangosteen. hahaha How many kilograms you can buy with $5 in Indonesia. Because in Korea, this fruit is quite rare. Not only tropical fruits, but also common fruits, but sell in the wrong season. Like Strawberry, as I said, It was hard to eat this fruit in another season, but for a retailer which use strawberry, such as cake or juice, they have to buy the frozen one. And the frozen strawberry is really expensive too.

For those who want to try this fruit and living in Korea, you can go to Homeplus and buy it ^^

This fruit taste a bit sour, warning in advance :p

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