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이 선생님 생일 파티 14/12/12

One of my Korean Language Teacher had her birthday on December 10th. I don’t know to call this as lucky or not, but for 2 semester in a row, I got the same teacher hahaha like my friend said, first things is always special, everything, including my teacher, our teacher, and my friends, my first classmates…

So, I just lucky enough because I have a good memory if I want to remember something important, I could memorize it well for a long time, including birthdate of my teacher and friends hehe Yeah, December 10th 2014 is 이 선생님 birthday. I knew She might be having a lot of trouble recently, at least I want to give something for her 🙂 Then, an idea came across my head, but,,, I need all of my previous classmates (11반 1급) to help me. I remember that 이 선생님 want our old class like having lunch together and having conversation something like that. So, why not we gathering and have lunch together plus giving her a surprise cake..

In short, We made it today (141212, such a nice date, isn’t it) 🙂 I was so happy because all of us can do gathering, (unfortunately two of my friends cannot come 🙁 ). It waaaasss so fun! the birthday cake surprise was successful, all of customer of the restaurant that we booked (찜닭 식당) near South gate looking at us. haha that was so ashamed but fun. really! Such a memory 🙂

This is the cake that we ordered, it was so~ delicious, and 2 candles represent number “11” as our previous class number. After that we ate, chit-chat and took a group picture in front of the restaurant.


Thanks a lot to all my classmates who helping me preparing today’s event. What a nice Friday, spending with the precious one. 🙂 I hope everyone happy hehehe

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