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참치알밥 Hot Plate Tuna with Fish Egg

Since I cannot eat any meat except seafood in Korea, so Tuna became popular heavy meal for me. This time I tried one of my favorite Tuna dishes from nearest cafetaria in Bauer Hall. The price is a bit expensive because of the fish egg. Yeah, the same fish egg that is used for making Japanese Sushi.

They serve it in a hot plate, so when you order this food, you need to wait around 3 minutes to bake the food in hot plate. so, it will be hot when you eat it. Nice choice for lunch in cold weather hehehe
actually they have various kind of albab, such as cheese albab, chicken too exist if I’m not mistaken. I have tried once the cheese albab, but the taste was too plain. so I prefer Tuna Albab for my lunch.

The portion itself is not that many. because when you ordered Tuna Mayo, the rice will be more than this albab.


Price: 3300 원
Location: Old Bauer Hall 1st Floor 구바우어관 1층 식당 Keimyung University
Ingredients: Fish Egg, Some vegetables, Tuna, Rice, Dried Seaweed, Kimchi

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