Ara Waterway Canal – 경인아라뱃길

After I moved to Line 9, I create a new objective to explore more places around this line area. This time I want to share a healing place near Incheon. The place called Ara Waterway, here is the official website.

When I searched about this place, lots of beautiful pictures posted online. Most people posted about the transparent observation deck, where you can enjoy the waterway view from top of the deck. The deck floor is made of glass. Feel it yourself 😀

The deck named Aramaru Observation Deck (아라마루전망대)

How to Go

This is important. If you search in the naver map, the map will tell you to get off at Geomam Station, the airport railroad. Well its not wrong, but you are in trouble if your purpose is too visit the deck.

If you get off at Geomam Station, go to exit 2 or 3, and walk around 200m to arrive at the Ara Waterway cruise ticket booth. This point is the start point if you want to enjoy the cruise. As I remember, the price is 16000 KRW for 1 adult. This place called Sicheon Bridge.

You can take bus from here to the Aramaru deck, however last time I couldn’t find the bus stop and ended up walking for 1h to reach the deck ._. You can walk along the Bike Road. Once you arrived at Sicheon Bridge, you will find elevator beside a big statue. Take the elevator and cross the bridge to the opposite site. After that walk to the Gyeyang Station direction. If you walk from Geomam Station, you need to turn right and walk to that direction.

However, if possible, I suggest you to get off at Gyeyang Station and take 597 bus from there. The bus will stop exactly in front of the observation deck HAHAHA 😀 The bus stop name is 둑실동아라마루전망대

Aramaru Deck

Ara Waterway

Despite of hot weather, it was such a nice place for healing and take a walk. If you plan to do small exercise, going along this Ara waterway is not bad either. 🙂 Next time I should bring bike here haha



Incheon – Saturday, 2018 July 14th


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