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Taste of Gangneung – 강릉의 맛

In our last story, I wrote about mostly about 2 days 1 night trip schedule. In this post, I will share about culinary trip! I will share about Gangneung authentic dishes that must be eaten when travelling to Gangneung.

1.Soft Tofu Soup (순두부)

Gangneung is popular with chodang sundubu (초당순두부). Your trip is not complete without trying this culinary dish. Gangneung is famous for making its tofu with sea water, which imparts to the dish a light but delightfully salty taste.

There is a place called Chodang Sundubu Village (초당순두부마을). From Gangneung Bus Terminal, take bus 230 or 230-1 and get off at sundubu village bus stop. There are a lot of sundubu restaurant in this village. But we decided to try the famous one, Sonamoo restaurant.

We walked to the restaurant in rainy day, and chuseok holiday at that time. Worst scenario ever! traffic everywhere. We arrived around 3pm, and we saw a very long line of people waiting to get inside. Suddenly, an ahjussi came out and distribute waiting number. We got number 22! of 25. haha After that the restaurant had a short break time.

Anyway, we are waiting about 1 hour, more I guess. We were super hungry and also bad mood because of weather and traffic. And finally the time we sat down and order our food.

We ordered Spicy Seafood and Soft Tofu Hot Pot 2 portion, because the minimum order is 2 portion, and we order Tofu 1 portion also. We spent 30,000 total to try these delicious food. As you notice from the menu pan, this restaurant provides two kinds of tofu, one is soft one and the other is the hard one with rectangle shape. If you don’t like spicy, you can order the original one. But this restaurant is famous with the spicy one. But I warn you that it was quiet spicy haha

How to Get There:

Address: 강원도 강릉시 초당순두부길 95-5

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2.Soft Tofu Ice Cream Gelato (순두부 젤라또)

The cafe booth is located in front of the Sonamoo restaurant. This is a smart move because you can enjoy eat ice cream while waiting. Or if you are unlucky to get the portion, at least you can try their ice cream haha

The cafe makes 4 ice cream flavours: Soft Tofu flavour, Injeolmi (bean flour) flavour, Coffee flavour and Aronia berry flavour. You can taste it with 3,000 won only~

Last time we tried soft tofu and coffee flavour. My favorite was soft tofu because the taste is different than other ice cream. The taste that I’ve never tried before. Not many ice cream shop sells this kind of flavour.

3.Gangneung Coffee Vending Machine (자판기 커피)

I know its silly that a vending machine can be this famous haha but its true~ I have tried coffee vending machine once in Seoul. But the coffee just normal, like normal coffee mix. Then when I had chance to visit Gangneung, I was looking for the vending machine intentionally. I heard that the machine has been existing for hundred years there.

The location is in Anmok Coffee Street, near the Anmok Beach. When you visit this coffee street, there are a lot of coffee shop. It is nice moment to take a sip of coffee while enjoying the sea.

Anyway, we found the machine and try to prove it. I don’t want to believe it, but the taste indeed different. The coffee has a special fragrance that I’ve never been smelled before. I recommend you to try the milk coffee. The price is only 400 won. Try every taste if you want haha They have black coffee, sugar coffee etc

4.Gangneung Coffee Cookie (커피빵)

Actually, I didn’t expect they have this cookie. But yeah, it is popular souvenir to bring home and share it with friends. You can buy it in many places. We found one in Anmok Coffee Street beside Gongcha cafe. The cookie has coffee filling inside and unique shape. The taste was not bad either. It taste like coffee latte haha You can buy 10,000 won for 8 pieces.

5.Grilled Fish (생선구이)

In Jumunjin, near Yeongjin Beach, there is a famous fish market nearby. There is one grilled fish restaurant that is famous and appear in TV a lot. The name of restaurant is Silbi Saengson Gui (실비 생선구이). I heard you have to come very early to get seat, otherwise you have to wait in line (again). They have 2 branches in this fish market. Last time, the first one was full already, so we were directed to eat at the second branch.

We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm for breakfast, a heavy breakfast haha. We order 2 portion of grilled fish, and Dongtae soup 2 portion. The interesting thing was in each portion, they gave us different type of fishes. If you order 2 portions, you will get Mackerel (고등어), Atka Mackerel (입연수), 열기 (I dont the English name for it T.T), and Saury fish (꽁치). But if you order 3 portions, you will get additional fish: Halabut fish (가자미).

Not only that, the side dishes they gave was delicious also~ And I forgot about the soup haha. Well the soup was nice also. But the main spotlight was the grilled fish 😀 Btw, there is another speciality and unique fact about the grilled fish. There is a sequence to eat the fish. It is recommended to eat it from mackerel (고등어), then 임연수, 열기, 꽁치 and 가자미. Because the mackerel has very strong taste and smelly if you leave it too long. So, you have to finish it first before the taste changed. Moreover, if you know 쌈밥 eating method, like putting rice, meat and other side dishes inside a leaf and wrap them. This grilled fish also has that method of eating.

How to Get There:

First branch: 강원도 강릉시 주문진읍 해안로 1728
Second branch: 강원도 강릉시 주문진읍 해안로 1713

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6.Buckwheat Noodles (막국수)

When we heading to Gyeongpo Beach, we were starving so much. We decided to try Buckwheat Noodle, another authentic dishes from Gangneung. The location is near Ecological Park. The name of the restaurant was Namhyangmakguksu (남향막국수).

They have two main noodle dishes: the one without cold soup (비빔국수) and with cold soup (물막국수). The price was 6,000-8,000 won each (I don’t remember actually ahaha). We also order buckwheat pancake. Total 32,000 won to pay. We order 4 bowls of noodle and 1 plate of pancake.

I ate the one without soup, because I don’t like to eat noodle with cold soup haha, plus the soup is sour because its made of vinegar. But, the one without soup was a bit spicy. Btw, the portion was crazy haha I couldn’t finish it. I should have finished it T.T I didn’t know that I have to walk like 5km to reach the Coffee Festival location.

How to get there:
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7. Pine Coffee Cookie (솔방울빵)

This is another cookie bread from Gangneung. Previously we had coffee-shape bread, now we have pine tree-shape bread haha. I also just realized when I visit Sundubu Village. There are a lot of Pine tree around. So, this pine tree stuff is also popular in Gangneung. The filling is same, coffee. I am full of coffee, and became more addicted to coffee after visiting Gangneung 🙁

8.Coffee Jam (강릉 커피잼)

This is the first time I saw coffee jam in Korea haha Without thinking I bought it for 10,000 won. Actually the original price was 15,000 won. Because I bought it in festival, so I got discount. It has three flavours: espresso, coffee latte and milk. I bought the coffee latte one. They said that the latte was the most popular one.

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