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Yangju Nari Park – 양주시 나리공원 체험관광농원

Summer has gone…

Autumn is here…

However, flowers are blooming before cold autumn come. From early of September until early October, before we see the leaves are falling down from the tree, we are able to witness the beautiful flowers are blooming and spreading their fragrance to us.

Today, I went to Yangju Nari Park to see 천일홍 (globe amaranth) field and also other flowers. Today is actually Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day) in Korea, so there were not much people there. Moreover the place is not in the middle of crowd city, we can say countryside also. It was such a long time I didn’t breath the fresh air like today! Even though it was a very simple flowers field, but I love it~ It was perfect to relieve stress after working too long 😀

The bullet purple one is called 천일홍 (globe amaranth). The pink one is called 백일홍 (crapemyrtle). The sparkling orange color one is called cosmos flower or Mexican Aster. It has other different color, such as purple and white. In Korean, the orange color one is called 황화코스모스.

If you have interest to visit the place, come between September till October 10th. Before it was falling down and only memory left 😀

How to get there

You can take Subway Line 1 until Yangju Station, then transfer to Bus 80 and get off at 해동마을 for around 10-15 minutes. It will charge you around 2200 won.

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Yangju, September 15th, 2016

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