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The 8th World Korean Educator Conference – 제8회 세계한국어교육자대회

Actually the event was held for 4 days, but I only attended the third day. But, the rest of the days’ report can be read in the Arisongari Facebook Page and refer to the reference below.

The third day (2016 July 14th) of 8th World Korean Educators Conference was held at The K-Hotel Seoul. Korean Language Educators from all of over the world came to attend this conference. In the third day, there was a presentation from 6 educators as representative presenter from different regions (Asia/ Europe, Middle East, America and Oceania). Those 6 representative countries were Philippine, Mongolia, Taipei, China, Turkey and Uruguay.
Each country presents about how they teach Korean language in their home country. Each country has different method to teach the students and all of them are interesting.


After finished the presentation and had lunch at The K-Hotel, All participants moved to National Hangeul Museum. There were two main activities: Museum Tour and Hangul Art Workshop (한글 글꼴도장 그림책 만들기).

In the Museum Tour, we learned the history of Korean Character and what makes it different from other countries’ characters. In the museum also there is Hangeul Learning Center (한글배움터). Inside, you can play and learn at the same time. The museum provides you learning place with High Technology. You can learn Korean in a fun way.

In the Workshop, the speaker was Ms. Habil from PaTI (Paju Typography Institute). She taught us about how create art from Korean character stamp. How each Korean Character can create a very amazing work art. She also showed us some samples from previous workshop.

Last session of the third day was having fun at SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM!! We visit SMTOWN Theater and watched SMTOWN Promotional Video and also School Oz Wizard Hologram Show. After the show ended, All participants were allowed to spend time freely there. Some were waiting and talking at the SMTown Cafe, the other visit the SUM Store, etc.

This is wrap up from the third day. Hope all the participants were having a good time in Seoul!

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