Marvel Collection Store Seoul 마블 스투어 엔터식스

This weekend, My friend and I went to check the new opened, Marvel Collection Store at Seoul. It was opened in the middle of February 2016. Park Avenue Enter 6 is located near Hanyang University area. If you get off at Wangsimni Subway Station, there is a big statue of Iron Man and Hulk fight each other in the front of Exit 13. And you will notice also that Enter 6 is located in this subway station, BUT… Marvel Store that we are looking for, is not located here. You have to walk a bit, because the building is separated. (see map attached)

By the way, I forgot in which floor it is located -,- I guess it was 1st Floor. But the store was really visible, you can notice it easily. Actually in the opposite side of Marvel store, there is also japanese animation figure store! I saw a lot of Idol M@ster figure collection here, and my wallet just gave money for one Makoto Nendoroid Petite so easily ㅠㅠ

Anyway, our focus is Marvel Collection one haha In the entrance, there is  real size of Iron Man Statue. In the right is the place for Marvel Collection Figures, and in the left is Marvel merchandise place where you can spend your money to. hahaha

So, they place a big touch screen display for gallery collection. And There is a real size Ant Man statue also. And the main attraction was the diorama of Civil War scene there (I guess), a lot of Iron Man Collection also there.

In the merchandise store, there are clothes, pillow case, book, comic korean translation, phone case, scale figures and many others.

Generally, nice place to hang out with friends in the weekend 😀 Because after that we went for dinner at Ashley Buffet Restaurant right in the same building hahaha what an expensive weekend xD


You can either get off at Wangsimni Subway Station or Hanyang University Subway Station. For me, I did get off at Wangsimni Station, then go through Exit 6, and walk a bit around 500m after turning Right from the exit.

Seoul, 2016 March 12th

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