Hwacheon Fishing Festival – 화천산천어축제

I really like to watch Korean variety show from internet. I saw some episode when they were fishing on top of frozen ice and cold weather. I didn’t understand why there are fish who can stand swimming inside ice pool. This winter, I made my mind to try that scene 🙂 Looking at the information and saw my friend also has gone to the festival, finally I could try it personally!

If you search about the similar festival, there would be more than 2 similar festivals. 송어축제 or 산천어축제 , you can try to search those words. There was some near Gyeonggi, but the most popular one was in the Gangwondo. I asked my friend to join with me. We went by GoGo Gangwon Bus, this bus is only for foreigners. This bus is designated specially for Gangwon Festival. In the website you could book the bus based on the festival. The price was very cheap. 5000 won for round trip.

We went around 8AM and arrived around 11AM. We had time to play around 5 hours. Because at 4.30 PM, we need to go back to Seoul. 5 hours was enough to try many games there. We tried the ice sliding and snow sliding too. We also saw some traditional food market, and of course the main part was fishing! I heard from many people that fishing was really hard, 1 hour could get 1 fish if lucky haha Actually that was not true. My friend and I could catch 6 fishes in one hour hahaha

After finished fishing and have caught 6 fishes, we can asked them to grill our fishes for 2000 won each. Because the fish was fresh, the taste was also very delicious. We also the spicy sauce also, and also delicious.

After eating, We tried the ice sliding. No time limit, It was better to do it at the end of the day while waiting the bus haha

We tried snow sliding for the last time. 5000 won for 5 times ride. At first, I felt scared haha because we only sat on the tire boat without any safety belt haha and then we could bump each other with the other persons. But for the second ride it was already better. I was already familiar with the field and the feeling haha So I tried to record when I was going down with the sled.

While waiting for the bus, we took a walk. There was a food market and some painting exhibition near the festival place. And we did not forget to spend our bonus coupon for street food there haha

It was a nice day to spend the cold winter in Korea! ^^

Fishing Ticket Entrance : 8000 won (for foreigner. for Korean 12000 won) (+ 5000 won bonus coupon) – I used 5000 won coupon for buying fishing pole. This 5000 won fishing pole was the cheapest. But I think it was enough, eventhough the lady there said that the 7000 won fishing pole was more convenient. If they asked you to buy the ice bucket cleaner for 3000 won, do not buy it haha you don’t need it anyway, otherwise you did it in the Korean Fishing Area.
Grill Fish: 2000 won each
Grill Fish with Spicy Sauce: 5000 won each
Ice Sliding Ticket: 5000 won (+3000 won bonus coupon)
Snow Sliding Ticket: 5000 won for 5 times ride (+3000 won bonus coupon)
You can use the coupon for buying any food there. I ate a lot there hahaha
Location: Hwacheon. Gangwon
-You can take GoGo Gangwon bus and easy to do roundtrip travelling
-You can take subway and bus to Hwacheon. There is a direct bus from Chuncheon Subway Station. The bus takes around 4600 won.
-Direct bus from Seoul around 13900 won.

References: Hwacheon Festival 2016 | Complete Price

Gangwondo, 2016 January 27th

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