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Tokpoki 떡볶이 #2: Jaws Food 죠스 떡볶이

This restaurant is one of the most famous tokpoki restaurant in Korea. It has so many franchise branch shops spread to all city in Korea. Fortunately, there is one branch shop near Keimyung, you can find it near Seongseo. If you open the website, the other easier shop to find is in Banwoldang, but yeah, I am too lazy to take a subway, then I decided to visit this Seongseo branch instead.


Tokpoki 떡볶이 – 2500 원
Twigim 튀김 – 500 원 – 1 개 (each 500 won), they have sweet potato (고구마), pumpkin (단호박), shrimp (새우), octopus (오징어), kimari (김말이), mandu (야끼만두)

Ingredients: Rice cake, odeng (fish cake), chili paste (고추장)
Location: From Keimyung, you can take a 20 minutes walk to Seongseo Subway Station direction. This store is located near E-mart. If you want to take a subway, get off at Seongseo Industrial Complex Station. Please refer to map here.

They use handmade rice cake. Usually, the small street food stall use the ready rice cake which you can find in supermarket, while this Jaws Food use their handmade rice cake one. That was made the taste of the tokpoki different. The Chili Red Paste they used also handmade. The taste will be different than the others. Not so spicy, not so strong but delicious. For the twigim, they fried it with their own oil too. hmm maybe vegetable oil. The employees are very friendly too, they even give me free twigim, the pumpkin and sweet potato, to try the taste. It was very delicious hahaha If I could drink coffee, they also wanted to give me coffee haha
The ambience of the restaurant itself is very clean and comfortable.



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