Banghwa Bridge Night View – 방화대교 야경

Banghwa bridge is connecting Gangseo-gu, Seoul and Goyang, Gyeonggi province. This bridge is crossing the Han river to connect the city. What is special about this bridge compare to other bridges? This bridge is very popular with its beautiful night view. I think the design also a bit different compare to other bridges, especially the shape and color. Its name, Banghwa, contains Chinese character of Fire. In night, the bridge lighting strengthen the red color and looks like the bridge is surrounded by fire.

Actually there is no fix spot or photo zone to capture the view. If you search it in internet, the bridge photos are taken from several different spots. However, I found one spot near Bangwa station. So I decided to go there.

Before you go, please note that it is not easy to go to, and go back from this spot, since there was not enough lighting around the area. Well, taking night view needs more effort, especially handling the fear of darkness ._.


  1. Bring flashlight, or similar stuffs. last time my friend installed a flashlight app on her phone.
  2. Bring your friends if possible. because going alone would be scary haha especially if you are female.
  3. If you can’t stand of mosquitos, bring some lotion or anything.

How to Go

I took the picture from a spot called Chihyunjung (치현정). It is pavilion inside Kwongogae Park (꿩고개공원) near Banghwa Station.

Using subway, get off at Banghwa Station Line 5. Go out from exit 1, and walk around 500m. See map below.

지도 크게 보기
2018.7.22 | 지도 크게 보기©  NAVER Corp.

Once you found the park, you will  get confused where to go. There is shortcut to climb up to this pavilion. First of all, don’t take the road walking path, where people usually go for jogging or walking and taking their pet. Go inside take the stairs. Don’t get confuse if you don’t find any road path, the path is not maintained because it is not a normal walking road.

I lost way once and had hard time to find the way haha Thanks to people who wrote in the blog and gave detail instruction and picture, we were able to reach the spot. If you can read Korean, try to check this following blog below at the references.

In short, what you have to do is just following the sign heading to the Chihyunjung (치현정) pavilion. In your way, you will find several signs and small bridges.

From the park entrance, take the stairs to go up. You will find the first wood sign as shown in picture below. Go to 꿩고개 약수터 Kkwonggogae Mineral Spring direction.

If you see following path, then you are in the right way.

If you ever confuse, use your feeling and keep going to left side and go up. After crossing the small bridge, you will see following views.

After passing above view, you will the second plank sign. Keep going, until you find third plank sign in the three intersection. Follow the Chihyunjung (치현정) pavilion sign. This is the final plank, it should be written 110m left to reach there. If you found another plank, or different plank, You might be lost or in the wrong way.

There will some confusion after this plank sign, but keep going to the left side, and go up. Go to the Han river direction. You will see bridge and the pavilion!

Congratulation! Now, you just wait until the sun disappear and the bridge lighting up. I think this spot is the best, you can see Bukhan mountain and other bridges view also!

Day View

Night View


Believe me, it was worth it going through the trip. Where else can you view this beautiful scenery?

I wish I had my DSLR camera and my tele-lenses with me 🙁 My camera is broken, so I replace it with mirrorless camera that I can afford at this time. I took the photo with Fujifilm X-A5 and standard kit lenses. Not bad right 😀 Because the real object is beautiful enough to be captured!



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Seoul, 2018 July 20.