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“천고마비” – Let’s craving for Street Food

Wake me up when September ends. And Welcome October! Welcome Autumn! Korean call Autumn as 천고마비 season. This word is coming from Chinese word which means

천 means sky, 고 means high, 마 means horse, 비 means get fat. so literally, the meaning is the horse that go flying up to the sky is getting fatter. The Chinese said that Autumn is the best season among all season. And in this season, the horse eat a lot because they are given so much food. if that is the case, then no wonder if the horse getting fatter in this season. This season also a good season for eating a very very delicious food. Not only people, even a cow also eat a lot. That is why some source said that in this season they produce a lot of delicious meat 한우.

I agree that Autumn is the best season to eat delicious food haha When the weather is getting cold, your body is trying to adapt with the weather and burn more for metabolism. This is the reason why in autumn or winter, which has cold weather, people are tend to eat a lot than summer.

If you are trying to identify what kind of food that you can only find in this season, your answer might be same as me 😀 Sweet potato is my favourite autumn/winter snack ever~ I won’t forget to add Chestnut and fish bread!  I remember my friend likes this fish bread so much. Then she was sad because it was disappear when Spring came hahaha

Well, cold weather, warm clothes and eat warm and delicious food. Let’s craving for fooood during this weather~~~
Ps: you can go diet again after this season ends hahahaha

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