The Future of Comic – 만화의 미래

2030년에는 뭔가 달라질건가?

Imagine What will happen in the year of 2030?

Nobody could predict the future. But, nowadays with the development of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and other scientific research, we can start to predict the future. Well, prediction not has to be right, but even if it were closer than the reality, how amazing that is!

If we threw back to 50 or 100 years ago, and compare to what happen now at 2016, it changed so much. Especially if we talk about Comic and Animation industry, there were many innovations appear through the years. When a piece of paper comic transformed into 2D animation, at that time, people already thought that this was a future of comics. Now, 2D animation start to transform into 3D, then what will appear next?

Last week, in the Bucheon International Comic Festival 2016 which was held on July 27 – July 31, new concept of future comic was introduced. One thing that attracts me was Korean Comic Industry always try to innovate the industry with the newest technology. Hundreds years ago, probably we only can read comic in the newspaper or have to buy the comic book, and then there was a time when Webtoon concept was introduced. Webtoon concept was very fresh and new. Not only for Comic enthusiasts, but also Comic Authors can share their work art online and read by all people.

And this year, new concept was ready to be introduced. As we know, VR also known as Virtual Reality Technology is booming now. Many industries try to utilize VR technology and adapt into their business. And of course Comic and Animation Industry also. Korea try to innovate and improve the way of people could enjoy comic. Can you imagine when yourself is immersed inside the comic itself? Imagine if we can feel or touch the story? Imagine if you can interact with the main character of the story?

Well,,, this kind of things was never been imagined a few years ago. I have tried to experience reading one comic story by VR Gear Device at the festival. And it was amazing, so that I didn’t notice that I was smiling hahaha The story was moving, the character was alive, and I could feel that I was also inside the story. Yeah, it was just a beginning, but I could guarantee how far it will develop in the next few years.

Let’s imagine what will happen in the year of 2030 ^^

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